Cape Town influencer, Kiara Kittner, exclusively opens up her *GORGEOUS* closet doors to us

A fashion-lovers entire dream fitted into one influencer’s closet. 😍

Excuse me while I have a little fashion freak out sesh! Our favourite Cape Town influencer, Kiara Kittner, has allowed us to feast our eyes on her chic wardrobe-of-dreams. Go ahead and clear your Pinterest browser, clear your saved ‘wardrobe’ file on Insta, and just indulge in Kiara’s aesthetically, and fashionably-pleasing closet.

Kiara gives us the 411 on everything from beautiful and elegant blazers, perfumes with the most delicious scent, and a handbag collection that makes us green with envy. Since we are getting the complete inside scoop, Kiara also talks us through her fashion decisions when it came to her engagement with fiancé Jamie Koller.

Get ready to have COMPLETE closet jealousy or COMPLETE closet inspiration. Either way, Kiara’s closet will make you feel *some* type of way!


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H A P P Y 🎀

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Take a look at Kiara Kittner’s captivating closet tour.

Now that we are all aware that Kiara’s closet is total *GOALS*, we need to take it as inspiration to do that annual closet clean-out we’ve been dreading to do. Ugh no. But, all in the name of aesthetically pleasing, undeniably stunning closets. The things you make us do, Kiara.


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Sorry, not sorry for spamming you with our love 🖤

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Thank you, Kiara Kittner, for allowing us the opportunity to drool over your amazing closet. We enjoyed it tremendously, but now it is time for us to entirely renovate our own. Let’s do this!

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