We did a photoshoot with Kefilwe Mabote during lockdown (yes, you read that right!)

Bored in the house, but make it fashun.


New times have meant we’ve had to adapt – especially for a team who takes pride in thinking up a concept and seeing it come to life, and spends plenty of time on photoshoot sets.

Due to strict ‘stay at home’ orders, the COSMO team decided to try out a new approach to shooting – yup, we produced our very own virtual shoot. And who better to be the star of the shoot than the fabulous fashion influencer and businesswoman, Kefilwe Mabote?

AND you can stand a chance to win a year-long COSMO subscription by posting your fab at-home fashun photos using the hashtag #COSMOBoredInTheHouse. The competition closes on 17 May 2020. 

Our virtual photoshoot with Kefilwe Mabote

The concept:

Due to the success of Instagram’s #QuarantinePillowChallenge that had people posing with their pillow strapped to them, we thought it would be fabulous to try out a similar concept. The challenge? To create looks using household objects and accessories.

The process:

The crew had several pre-production meetings on Zoom prior to the day of the actual shoot. We chatted about the brief, which included the various outfits, hair and makeup looks, location (Kefi’s humble abode in Jozi) and which rooms to shoot each look in, lighting, the photoshoot schedule, and the actual process of capturing the images and videos. Yup, we not only snapped the images but shot some awesome video content, too.

On the big day, we went about it as if it were a typical shoot day, with an 8am call time to start hair and makeup — the only difference being that we were all communicating via a conference call and not physically together.

Watch the video for a peek into the making of our first virtual shoot:

The result: 

Who knew your duvet, dishcloth and toilet paper (peep the toilet-paper evening bag) could create killer looks? Scroll down to see our #COSMOBoredInTheHouse virtual shoot.

Shot 1: Ironing bored

Who says you can’t wear your bathrobe, heels and cat-eye shades all day? While also smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of vino…

kefilwe Mabothe

Shot 2: Get lit

The only shade I’ll be accepting will be coming from my lamp.


Shot 3: I’m on a roll

A duvet dress and toilet-paper bag? It’s called quarantine couture, darling.


Shot 4: 60s throwback

This dreamy dress (created using dish clothes, pegs and paper towels) and dishwashing gloves are my fashion favourites RN.

kefilwe Mabothe

Shot 5: Champagne all day long

Oh honey, if I can’t drink bubbles, I’ll make the champagne box into a dress and be the bubbles.

kefilwe Mabothe

Shot 6: Keeping it clean

Don’t mind me – I’ll just be lying here, in a carpet dress, sanitising my favourite shoes and bags on my bed.

kefilwe Mabothe

Shot 7: Bath-time queen

Hi Shoesan, you won’t believe what I did today – I’ll send you the video after I finish bathing in my own bling.

Thanks to our fab crew:

Star: Kefilwe Mabote

Photographer: Niquita Bento

Fashion director: Cleo Marcopoulos

Fashion editor: Clare Robertson

Senior beauty editor: Zipho Ntloko

Creative director: Dale Anne Scogings

Multimedia producer and videographer: Lufuno Ramadwa

Assistant: Lesego Mabote *Shout-out to Kefi’s sis, who helped us execute this!*

Watch this space for more to come…

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