Twitter Is Roasting Kanye West for Making Yeezy ‘Foam Runner’ Shoes That Look Like Crocs

Run away as fast as you can. ??‍♀️

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  • Kanye West designed a pair of Yeezys that look just like Crocs.
  • They’re called Foam Runners and will be sold in 2020.
  • Twitter is dragging him for it.

IDK what monsters conspired to troll every trypophobe (people with a legitimate fear/hatred of small holes and patterns) this week, but if you thought Apple’s new iPhone camera was bad, wait until you see the new shoes Kanye West designed.

To start off this cursed Friday the 13th, Yeezy Mafia, the number one source of leaked Yeezy and Adidas news, announced that in 2020, Kanye will drop a new shoe called the Foam Runner. The shoe has been described as ‘a clog-like design with open holes throughout the upper’ but is widely considered a joke and an aesthetic nightmare in the Twittersphere.

Honestly, judging by the reaction, this shoe might be worse than the high-heeled Crocs that were on sale last July and appeared in every stress dream I had for a solid month. Before we continue, though, let’s take a look at what Ye’s been cooking up in the workroom. Without further ado, here is the glorified Croc Foam Runner:

If these look familiar, it’s because North West wore them in June. But even if North found a way to pull them off, some people on Twitter are still not convinced these shoes are a thing that should be put into the world for public consumption.

Of course, fashion is subjective, so there are some people who think these are actually genius and pointed out how a lot of people initially thought Kanye’s dad shoes and sweatpants were weird, but they’re a major trend right now.

If you must get your hands on a pair of these, just start saving your money now because people are joking that they might retail for around R4500, and if you buy them from a resale site, you could end up paying way more than that.

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