Justin, Hailey, Kendall and A$AP Rocky Strip Down To Their Underwear In This New Campaign


Thank you Calvin Klein, because who wouldn’t want to see Justin and Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky in their underwear? No one, ever, literally no one! Our dreams, prays, vision boards, goals have been answered and received with claps and praise. Ook, we’re being dramatic but seriously you need to see this. *Takes a massive gulp of water to cool down because we’re all worked up over here.*

The new Calvin Klein CK50 limited edition collection is celebrating 50 years of success with an epic campaign seasoned with a star-studded crew. The campaign and visuals reflect historic moments and themes across multiple decades with the iconic brand.

Check Out Hailey, Justin, Kendall & A$AP Rocky in The Saucy Vid Below:

Justin and Hailey strip down to their underwear and prove that PDA can only improve an ad campaign. We’d love to know the ROI of this clever campaign.

The incredibly photogenic couple, who literally got married a few days ago (we’re still recovering from their wedding pics) posed for four photos together, in various states of undress. From showcasing Justin’s impressive array of tattoos, to looking adoringly at one another, the Biebers bring their love to the fashion world.

This capsule collection features classic silhouettes with unexpected logo placements. Prints include an overload of monogram mani and high-impact logo detailing across women’s denim styles, dresses and sweatshirts.

We’re just casually going to leave this here for you to have a long and lingering stare at.

It’s been a minute since we have been this worked up about a fashion campaign. Sho-sho-SHO-Sjoe! Just take your money Calvin Klein, you win huney.

Feature image @calvinklein

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