Instagram’s Latest Trouser and Sandal Trend Is Literally Genius

Whoever cooked this one up is a style genius.

We are not quite sure who woke up one day and decided to make this trend a thing – but it’s officially a thang. Lace-up sandals, worn tied over ones trousers or jeans, is the micro-trend and secret styling trick every cool girl worth her salt is trying out right now.

We can respect the fact that a true fashion girl never wants to hide a really good pair of shoes, so this new styling hack is perfect to flaunt your shoe candy.

If you can’t quite picture it – this is what we are referring to…

Instagram’s Latest Trouser and Sandal Trend:

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It’s the perfect trans-seasonal trend because it’s slowly getting warm enough to wear our sandals out (hellooo spring, you beautiful thing) but it’s still a tad chills, so we’re all for swapping out our breezy skirts for tailored pants. If you’re looking to elevate your outfit and take regular trousers to a whole new level of cool, here’s how.


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LBH, we absolutely love it when a slightly unusual styling trick emerges from the gram to get us all excited to try something new.

Shop The New Sandals-Over-Trousers Trend Now:


Mom Jean

R649Misguided at Superbalist

If your gonna try this trend, a slightly wider cut is your best bet, to allow for the bunched up effect around the ankle.


Strappy Heel


Opt for a sandal with a longer tie, the added perk to this trend that your shoes will also feel more secure around your ankle, as you will be able to tie it a lot tighter than usual.


*rummages in wardrobe for a pair of trousers and lace-up sandals*

Feature Image: @cashmeretheapp

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