Get the Appearance of a Lift with These 8 Boob Tape Hacks

Who needs a bra, anyway? 💪

In 2016 Kim Kardashian stunned us all when she revealed a very practical cleavage trick on Instagram. She shared a picture of herself, backdated to 2008, of her standing topless with strategically placed tape over her boobs, specifically masking tape. She later shared that she had experimented with all tapes, her best being gaffer tape (heavy duty tape used on film sets). Kim’s cleavage is always on point and below we reveal the secret to cleavage and wearing clothing you never thought you could wear without a bra.


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Today on my app see the red carpet cleavage tape trick I’ve been doing for years!

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It’s 2019 and there is no need for any more hardware store visits since boob tape has become ever so popular. There are many ways to wear boob tape, dependent on the outfit you are wearing. Cheat your way through a plunging neckline, a strapless dress or even give yourself a little boost in your bikini. Whether it’s a lift or cleavage that you’re after: there’s a fool-proof way to use boob tape.

P.s.: if you have sensitive skin, do a patch test on your chest area as the skin tends to be quite sensitive. Trust me, we speak from experience with a backless dress and gaffer tape.

Here Are 8 Boob Tape Hacks That You Need To Know:

1 The Strapless Top: Enhanced Cleavage

For: This style will give you a slight lift with cleavage. It’s great for smaller breasts.

How:  Apply tape in a ‘half-moon’ shape to the lower part of your breast. To complete the style, add a longer piece on the top bit of your breast, pull it below the opposite breast and wrap around to your back.

2 The Boob Tube: Locked Down and Secured

For: Ideal for bigger boobs that become unruly, this style of taping keeps your twins subdued and in position.

How: Start on the rib area and work your way up. End off directly underneath your shoulder blades.

3 The Backless Dress: The Push-up Without the Bra

For: This method is great for bigger boobs as it gives you a large amount of support and cleavage.

How: Begin with your ‘half-moon’ over your boob. Tape under your boob until you have a width of about 8cm. Lastly, attach the tape from your rib cage, over all the tape you have already applied, over your shoulder and layered over the tape that is on your back.

4 The Backless, Strapless Dress: Boosted Cleavage

For: This shape is great for a smaller chested girl who needs a bit of a boost.

How: Start at the fold of skin and work your way up.

5 The Deep V: A Lift and Cleavage

For: Big or small, this method allows for maximum support and killer cleavage. This was Kim K’s breakthrough taping style as seen above.

How: Start underneath the folds of your skin, pull up and stick the tape above your shoulder blade.

6 Off-The-Shoulders: A Slight Lift

For: Smaller busts will get a slight boost out of this style.

How: Work from the outside in.

7 The Semi Sheer Top: Perky Without the Headlights

For: For the woman that doesn’t give a damn, loves herself just the way she is, but wants a little nipple coverage.

How: Cut the desired size and stick.

8 The One-Shouldered Dress: Secured, Lifted and Cleavage

For: Big or small, this style has you boosted and covered.

How: Start with your ‘half-moons’ on ‘the girls’. Continue with your strips underneath your folds. Move on to the shoulder that both pieces of tape will meet on. Attach tape to your ‘half-moon’ and over your shoulder to above your shoulder blade. move on to the opposite side and stick the tape below your armpit and pull over to the opposite side of your body. Attach this piece to the other one already stuck above your shoulder blade.

Tip: To remove the tape and avoid an unwanted nipple wax – try using baby oil on cotton wool to loosen the adhesive.

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