6 steps to detoxing your wardrobe that will guarantee you better style

Nothing to wear < everything to wear

Your closet is one of the first things that you see every single day. Think about it: you wake up in the morning, walk over to your closet, open it up and think ‘now, what the h*ll am I gonna wear?’. The process of getting dressed can totally make or break your day.

I’m sure that all of us have muttered something along the lines ofย  ‘I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear’ at some point in our lives. Amirite? Let me help you change that by revamping your closet into something that you’re proud of, so that when you open it up, you feel like a boss babe with zero getting-dressed stress (it’s a form of stress we can all vouch for). Since we’re literally stuck in our houses ATM, what better time to get your bedroom back in order?


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(๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†LBH, we can’t all have a Carrie Bradshaw walk-in, but we can try our best, right?)

Here’s what you’ll need to detox your wardrobe:

  • Pretox time โ€” you’ll need about a day to complete the process
  • Two big plastic bags (eco-friendly if possible, otherwise black bags will do)
  • Surface cleaner (Windolene is my personal fave), paper towels or a microfiber cloth
  • Some good tunes
  • Snacks and beverage of choice (mine is bubbles)
  • A girl-squad member on Skype for support


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Here’s how to detox your wardrobe during the lockdown

#1 Empty out

๐Ÿ“ธ Take a before photo of your closet, as it stands.

Completely clear out your closet. Clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories (you name it) and put it all out in your bed or bedroom floor so that you can see it all at once.

๐Ÿ“ธ Take an ‘OMG-I-never-knew-how-much-stuff-I-had’ pic.

Do you really need all of that? *deep breathes*


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#2 Clean-out

Now that everything is out, have a peep at your wardrobe’s ’emptiness’ (your shelves, drawers, shoe cupboard, etc.) and notice how much dust has gathered over time. Yuck.

Use your surface cleaner and cloth to wipe that sh*t down. Try and really get in there. Remove all dust from the corners, shoe marks from the walls of your closet and so on.


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#3 Make four piles

Now is the time to throw your sentimental side out of that window and be brutally honest with yourself. Sort out your items (refer to questions to ask yourself below) into the following four piles:

Pile 1: keepย 

Pile 2: salvage

Pile 3: resell

Pile 4: donate

๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘›

But how do you know what to give up and what not to?

Whilst going through each item from your closet, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I love this?

Do I fit into this right now?

Have I worn this in the last six months?

Is this worth reselling?

Could someone else in need really benefit from this?

*Have a try-on-for-gal-pal Skype sesh*

Reminder: you are trying to declutter and simplify your life here.

Whilst you go through each item of clothing, every shoe, handbag, and accessory โ€” turn everything inside out, give a wipe, fold neatly and place on the designated pile.


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#4 Bag and remove

Once you have sorted through your entire closet and have your four designated piles, it’s time to bag two of them and label them accordingly: ‘Resell’ and ‘Donate’.

Now, remove these out of your bedroom and out of sight, for now.


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#5 Pack away

Start with your hanging section. Sort your clothing from left to right: by clothing type and colour. I.e: All of your jackets together, and all of the similar hues together.

TIP: If you struggle with hanging space in your closet (it gets tight and crowded in there), toss out your white plastic hangers into a box (these take up a lot more space then you realise) and replace with slim hangers.


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I bought myself a bunch of skinny wire hangers with velvet coating pre-lockdown and my closet has so much more hanging space and has never looked better! It’s amazing what uniformity can do to your closet’s overall aesthetic. Plus, they are ‘grippy’, resulting in no more lost-dress-because-it-fell-down-in-amongst-the-shoes scenarios.

TIP:ย It’s more than likely that you won’t have access to buying new hangers until after the lockdown period. In the interim, if you’re struggling with space, you can ‘hack your hangers’ and double them up by using can tabs. Take a can tab and loop it over the top part of your hanger and hang the second one through the bottom hole of the can tab. Genius.


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Designate your shelves to specific types of clothing (label them nicely if this helps). I.e. Jeans, trousers, shorts and skirts on one shelf and one for t-shirts and blouses, and accessories (hats and bags) on another shelf.

Pack away your shoes in order: boots together, sneakers, heels, etc.

TIP: I keep all my sneakers in their original boxes to maintain the state of them. This also helps when stacking your shoes away โ€” putting boxes on top of each other is a great way to stack your shoes and keep them clean whilst doing so.

๐Ÿ“ธ Take an amazing *after* pic.

#6 Donate and resell

Keep the two bags that you will be doing away with, out of sight (and mind), until the lockdown is over.

Bag 1: Resell: There are many ways in which you can resell your clothing (and make a few bucks) online. You can resell on Depop, Yaga, Facebook Marketplace or via IG.

Bag 2: Donate: We suggest donating the items that you do not wear anymore to female-based charities or to an organisation close to your heart.


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