Gumtree and Amanda Laird Cherry are launching a collection at SAFW made entirely from pre-loved clothes

High-fashion, quality garments made from second-hand clothing ??

Gumtree is putting the spotlight on the slow-fashion movement in SA and we’re so here for it. Their campaign is about consciously creating and buying fashionable clothing.   

What is slow fashion? 

The slow-fashion movement calls on brands to act ethically towards people and animals, being aware of the impact of clothing production on the environment and creating lasting fashion so that consumers don’t have to resort to buying new items of clothing all the time. 

Gumtree Slow Fashion Movement

The Re-Style collection 

The collab with South African designer label, Amanda Laird Cherry is exciting and creative. The challenge they’ve set out to achieve is to make high-fashion, quality garments from second-hand clothing available on Gumtree and debut the Re-Style collection at SA Fashion Week 2019. 

The Amanda Laird Cherry label is known for storytelling with its garments and speaks to the context of South African culture. The brand is dedicated to authentic and responsible production and Gumtree is passionate about showcasing the beauty of pre-loved clothing which makes the collab a perfect fit.  

The Re-Style collection will not only be innovative and breathtaking to look at, but it will also call on us to ask the tough questions: what can we do to make a positive effect on the cycle of seasonal fashion? And where do pre-loved clothes go?  

Could this be the start of a new fashion culture? You can shop for amazing pre-loved clothing on Gumtree now.

Gumtree Slow Fashion

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