Gumtree Re-Style with Amanda Laird Cherry was the highlight of SAFW!

This is the beginning of high-fashion meets slow fashion ??

Gumtree Re-Style with Amanda Laird Cherry

Gumtree Re-Style is an exciting collab with South African designer label Amanda Laird Cherry. The creative challenge of this campaign was to make high-fashion, quality pieces from second-hand clothing sourced off Gumtree. The Re-Style collection debuted at SA Fashion Week recently, and to say that it exceeded all expectations is playing it cool. 

A perfect fashion collab 

The Amanda Laird Cherry label is big on storytelling within the context of South African culture, and Gumtree shares their commitment to conscious style. Gumtree has around 20 000 pieces of clothing online, all available for purchase, and through their hugely successful campaign with celebs and influencers, they gave us a sneak peek into the potential and benefits of slow fashion in SA.  

Eco-friendliness is growing in South Africa, and for many years much of the attention has been put on plastic. While plastic is a massive pollutant, less focus has been placed on the effect of fashion on the environment.

Swapping fast fashion for sustainability 

We’re all guilty of indulging in the convenience of fast fashion, with its endless choices of newly produced clothes. It can be hard to see past the appeal of the retail experience, but a recent survey done on global optimism levels showed that 68,3% of South Africans felt optimistic about their future in terms of sustainability. 

We’re taking that as a sign that most of us are open to changing our behaviour for the good of our planet. The only thing left to do is to tackle the perceived cost and inconvenience of doing better for the environment. Although solar energy and electric cars are expensive, conscious fashion doesn’t have to be. 

#GumtreeReStyle Collection

For the longest time, Gumtree has been a platform that helps people make aspirational purchases within their budget. Their Gumtree Re-Style partnership with Amanda Laird Cherry resulted in the first collection made of pre-loved clothing bought off Gumtree to feature on the runway at SA Fashion Week. 

Jeannie DSarah LangaPinky GirlZoë Brown and Thabiso Makhubela used their love for fashion to explore new ways to look great without harming the environment. ‘Twenty percent of global industrial water pollution comes from fashion’s textile dyeing and treatment. This is crazy, guys. I’m shocked. Let’s explore new ways of looking great and re-look how we see pre-loved clothes,’ said Thabiso in one of his posts calling on the public to consider the costs of fast fashion.  

Gumtree Re-Style with Amanda Laird Cherry

Shop the Re-Style Collection

12 of the one-off pieces that debuted at SA Fashion Week are currently on sale on Gumtree. The proceeds will be donated to The Clothing Bank – an amazing organisation that empowers unemployed people.

Image credits: Mohammed Faadil Cassim  

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