CNA's New Cats Stationery Range Is the Purr-fect Way to Refresh Your Stash

Looking good. Feline good. 😻

As any fashionista worth her Gucci knows, anything and everything is an accessory. Even stationery! A pen is never just a pen, but rather an essential part of a perfectly snatched outfit.

After all, you wouldn’t dream of rocking a pair of sneakers that don’t go with your ultra-cool shades. So, why would you match a fire look with a tragically uncoordinated pencil case?

Stationery that Slays

Stationery actually plays an important part in our lives. When times are tough, a diary can be your bestie. When you have thoughts or feelings to express, a pen is your voice.

Sadly, most of the stationery you find in shops are bland and boring. Nobody wants to jot down their hopes and dreams in a notepad that looks like it belongs in The Office. Stationery is a reflection of who you are. And what you are is fabulous!

CNA’s new fashion range is the ultimate example of just how chic stationery can be. Featuring a range of colourful notebooks, ring binders, pens and pencil cases, CNA perfectly merges stationery with style – plain and ordinary no longer cuts it!

Purr-fect Pens

From Taylor Swift to Karl Lagerfeld, some of the most stylish people in the world are cat lovers. So, it makes perfect sense that CNA just released a new line of stationery inspired by loveable felines. Available in CNA stores nationwide, each piece will make you say me-wow!

Even if you’re more of a dog, fish, or pet rock person, you’ll appreciate CNA’s new Cats Range. From cute paw patterns to sweet kitten-inspired details, this trendy new line screams feline femininity.

Your love affair with stationery that’s more than just stationery, should start and end at CNA. Always fully stocked with the latest must-haves for anything artsy and crafty, CNA lets your creativity run wild.

Shop the CNA Cats Range today or connect with CNA on social media:

Instagram: @cnainspired

Facebook: @CNAYourWorldInspired

Twitter: @cnainspired

This post was sponsored by CNA.

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