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We were excited AF to hear that H&M would be collaborating with yet another major designer, ERDEM – launching worldwide on 2 November 2017. ERDEM x H&M is a personal collection that looks back to the designer’s youth, and to what has defined his work over the past decade. Some of his key themes include floral prints, exquisite statement pieces, tailored lines and intricately detailed accessories – and judging from the lookbook, we are damn impressed!

We had the privilege of chatting to the masterminds behind this collection, Ann-Sofie Johansson and Erdem Moralıoğlu.

Ann-Sophie, Creative Advisor at H&M

Why did H&M decide to partner with the Erdem brand?

We are great admirers of Erdem’s beautiful work and we have had our eyes on him since the start of his own successful company. The timing felt right for a collaboration with a British designer, well known for his romantic and feminine style, following the immediacy and impact of Kenzo. At the same time, it is thrilling that people who might not know who ERDEM is will become familiar with his amazing work thanks to this collaboration.

What do you think the Erdem brand will bring to this year’s designer collection? 

Fabrics, lovely embellishments and vivid florals. These are all part of Erdem’s signature style.

Did sustainability play a role in producing this collection?

We always have sustainability on our mind and this collection is full of garments you can fall in love with and keep in your wardrobe for many years. Also, selected pieces from both the women’s and men’s collections are made of organic cotton.

Why should the consumer spend that much more when purchasing a piece from this designer collection?

For ERDEM x H&M collection, we have worked with high-end fabrics like silk, lace or – for the first time for us – Harris Tweed in some of the menswear garments, which could place the collection in a slightly higher price range, but still affordable. We will also include jersey garments so we can achieve a really good price range for the whole collection. For us, it is always important to choose the best fabric for each garment, offering the best value for money for each garment. We want to give the opportunity to as many as possible to have a garment from a designer that wouldn’t be affordable for them in other circumstances.

Erdem, Creative Director at ERDEM

Where did you draw inspiration from when designing the collection?

There are so many different inspirations that all come together to make ERDEM X H&M. As well as my previous collections, I was thinking about my childhood, and pieces that my mother wore, or my sister when we were growing up. I also thought about a group of friends coming together at an English country mansion, finding these pieces and wearing them in their own way.

Which three pieces do you predict will be the bestsellers?

I’m so excited to see which pieces people respond to around the world. When I was designing ERDEM x H&M I wanted to make pieces for so many different types of women. I love that the collection includes the most beautiful dress in crêpe and guipure lace, alongside a double-breasted tweed blazer and a hoodie embroidered with florals. There are so many pieces that could be the bestsellers!

What do you hope your customers will feel when they put on a piece from the collection?

I hope that customers will feel the quality and the beauty of the garments. I was determined that ERDEM x H&M should be as beautifully made as all of my collections, with the same attention to detail. I hope they will feel pleasure, and that the pieces will become part of their wardrobes for years to come.

What type of girl is the H&M x Erdem collection made for?

I loved designing this collection for H&M’s vast global audience. I love that the same piece might be bought by a teenager and a grandmother, and worn in completely different ways. Like the little tweed jacket, which a teenager could wear with jeans and sneakers, while someone of an older generation could wear it in a more elegant way.

If you had to give the collection a fantasy name, what would it be?

That’s an interesting question, because Baz’s film that accompanies the collaboration is called The Secret Life of Flowers, so it’s like the collection already has a fantasy name. But I actually like my name being the brand, because it shows that I believe in the pieces that we make and sell. I’m happy with the title being ERDEM x H&M.

Have a scroll through their entire lookbook:

See more on their collection here

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