Enica Seshoka from Mpumalanga stars in limited-edition beanie for Burberry

She’s doing the damn things!

Enica Seshoka

Enica Seshoka, a 20-year-old model from South Africa, who was once teased as a child for her lanky frame, is now thriving in the modelling industry! The young model has recently walked on international runways and can now add a gig for British luxury fashion house, Burberry, to her growing resume.

Enica grew up in KwaMhlanga, a small township in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Towards the beginning of 2019, after facing poverty and unemployment, she was scouted by Joan Okorodudu, owner of Isis Models, based in Johannesburg and Lago, Nigeria.

Her determination and willingness to succeed as a model, along with the support from her pro-active agency (I’m sure her extra-long legs, naturally petite frame and chiselled cheekbones helped too?), took her all the way to Paris Fashion Week within a couple of months. And towards the end of 2019, she starred on Burberry’s global site wearing an embellished Swarovski, limited-edition beanie.


Enica Seshoka from Mpumalanga stars in limited-edition beanie for Burberry

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Enica captioned a tweet: ‘As a South African girl from MPUMALANGA in kwamhlanga how do you explain to people that you are on Burberry b series website all around the world, that you launched Burberry’s fisherman’s orange limited beanie. I know my favourite magazine won’t write about it, but ? vukani guys’

I hope that you were talking about COSMO, sis, and I’ve just proved you wrong.

‘This experience has taught me nothing is impossible in life. Dreams do come true, even if that dream is bigger than you.’ She said.

We asked Enica about her experience and here’s what she said:

‘Working with Burberry was an amazing experience. When I walked into the Burberry office for the first time in London, the photographers told me that I look amazing, that they had seen my runway pictures from Paris Fashion Week and that they immediately felt in love with me. That actually made me feel very confident on set.’

‘They said that I had an amazing gap, very strong eyes and a beautiful smile that they would love to capture. Hearing that made me feel so perfect! I worked with Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, Riccardo Tisci, and he told me that he loves my hair. Hearing all of his beautiful comments about myself and my body made me feel so loved and accepted, as there are so many rejections in the modelling industry that models have to deal with every day. You just need to be yourself.’

This is just the beginning for you, girl. Keep on dreaming big!

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