Does fashion influencer Melody Molale know fake shades from the real deal?

We put one of SA’s fave style gals to the test?


We already know Melody Molale is a big-time fashion and beauty influencer – but can she tell the beauty products that break the bank from the more affordable ones? Or a pair of fake sunnies from a designer pair?

We put Melody’s expensive taste buds to the ultimate test by inviting her to have a go at our Expensive Taste Test. Catch Melody trying out cheeses, sticking false lashes to her forehead, telling us ‘the difference’  between bottled versus tap water, and trying to distinguish between expensive perfume and the cheaper version during our fragrance round.

Watch Melody Molale take the Expensive Taste Test:

While Melody has a PR background (she has a degree in Corporate Communication from the University of Joburg) it is obvious by her fab wardrobe that fashion and the world of luxury, are her passion. Her Instagram features a long line of aspirational designer outfits and glam hotspots making her the perfect candidate for the test.


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Spoiler alert: Melody discloses that she is lactose intolerant during the cheese round (she’s into the cheese, guys, check it out at 01:57) and then ‘eats humble pie’ during the fragrance round (check it out at 06:48). Yaaas.

So how well do you think Melody did? Does she know her designer from the duds? Watch the full video to find out.

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