OMG, Are Crocs GLOVES The Next Big Thing?

I have officially seen it all.

As if wearing a pair of Crocs on your feet was not enough of a thing, although our Fashion Director and Snr Beauty Ed did make a very strong case pro these comfy shoes at Coachella, you can now wear ‘Croc’ gloves on your hands.


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But wait, there’s something you need to know about this hot new invention before you jump to any conclusions: they are not officially being sold by Crocs, but are just some wiz kid’s DIY project.

Entrepreneur & product designer, Matty Benedetto, known for his IG page ‘@unnecessaryinventions’ (how fitting?) created the gloves in his own garage using a 3D printer.

In a nutshell, this guy ‘develops products for the world’s problems that don’t exist’ – totally bazaar but brilliant!

He posted a pic on the gram captioned: ‘Your dad’s favorite shoes are now available for your hands. The first-ever pair of Crocs Gloves feature all the best things from the shoes, including that thick foam material and safety strap. Start getting all your household chores done in style.’

There was a serious mix of emotions to his initial IG post:

Can we also just mention again that they were made using a 3D printer? How?

Watch This Video On How Matty Benedetto Made The First Ever Pair Of ‘Croc’ Gloves

‘Croc’ Gloves. Definitely one for the archives.

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