The COSMO Fashion Week Survival Kit

We are getting ready for SA Fashion week, and we thought we should share some of our tips with you. This is a guide to what we pack in our handbags for Fashion Week.

The COSMO FashPack is in the thick of SA Fashion week. This is a guide to what we pack in our handbags to make sure we survive!

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1. A pair of flats

ballet pump

After a full 9 hour day at work we change outfits and we head out to fashion week. It’s long hours filled with fabulous shows and short breaks in between. As the night comes to an end, you sometimes feel like you just cannot walk any further in heels. This first night we are still filled with adrenaline and excitement- but by the end of the second and third night we pull out our flats for the final walk to the car.

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2. Smartphone + Charger


During the shows we want to share every exciting moment, which means we are constantly on twitter and Instagram Tweeting and posting real time. Every now and then between shows we grab the opportunity to charge them. There is nothing worse at fashion week than sitting in the front row of the most amazing show with a flat battery unable to share it with the world.

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3. VIP Pass

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Your VIP Pass goes wherever you go. Security at fashion week is tight and there is no amount of sweet talking that can get you into the show if your pass is in the car or in the hotel room. That’s when you pull out the flats and run.

4. Gum or/ and Breath Mints


Seating at fashion week is tight knit and close together, and during the shows you need to lean in to speak to someone if you want to say something. This means you definitely need a fresh breath at all times.

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5. Sunglasses


When the FashPack gets together in the Edgars VVIP Lounge before the start of the night, it’s roughly around sunset time; the perfect time to put on your sunglasses and enjoy a drink before the chaos erupts and the shows are in full swing.

6. Lip balm


Every true fashion forward fashion week attendee will have lip balm for days in her bag. Moving in the cold air at night between the tent where the shows take place and the hotel where the lounges are leaves your lips feeling dry.

7. A notebook and a pen

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A small notebook is vitally important if you plan on taking notes for the articles you need to write. They say a short pencil is better than a long memory. By the end of the night you want to have details of exactly which pieces you loved most.

8. Nail polish


If we’re wearing nail polish instead of gel or acrylic for fashion week, we always keep a bottle of the colour that we’re wearing in our bags. When you see a small chip it’s easy to quickly touch it up before it gets out of hand.

9. Perfume

No outfit is complete without the perfect scent. We carry travel sizes of our favourite perfumes so the we can spritz between shows.

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