This is How to Make Your Fave Clothing Items Look New Forever

Because slow fashion feels so good ??

Clothing hacks are a great way to extend the life of your fashion pieces, plus they’re good for the planet and your finances. Saying ‘yes’ to slow fashion means that you’re on board with a more sustainable approach and awareness of the process and resources required to make clothing.

If you’re trying to change how often you buy new clothing and are also wanting to toss items out, then these clothing hacks are just for you!

There are a few things to do (and also avoid) to ensure that your favourite fashion pieces are well taken care of. 

How are your most-loved dresses, jeans or tops being ruined? The top reason is poor maintenance. If you wash, dry, iron or dry-clean clothes incorrectly, you’re guaranteed to affect their longevity. 

Try These Simple Clothing Hacks  

  • Fix clothes before you wash and dry them
  • Know which fabrics need to be washed or brushed
  • Avoid over-washing – this is a major cause of wear and tear
  • Always set a shorter time when drying
  • Know what you can and can’t iron
  • Remove stains right away and before washing, if possible

Did you know? Where and how you store your favourite items also affects longevity. Store clothing on matching hangers to prevent items from getting snagged. Also, lavender oil is great for protecting your clothing from moths. 

 More Storage Tips to Try 

  • Use shoe trees in your boots
  • Always wash cashmere by hand, and use a salad spinner to dry it
  • Get rid of scents on vintage clothes with a spritz of this mixture: one part vodka and two parts water
  • Use baby powder to remove oily stains from your handbag; leave it on overnight
  • Hang clothes that are being stored for a long time so they keep their shape 

Insider’s Guide to Second-hand Shopping 

Taking care of your clothing and being mindful of your budget doesn’t mean you have to go cold-turkey on shopping. So many people are shopping for second-hand clothing and, honestly, we’re a little obsessed with the idea of selling and shopping for good-quality, pre-loved clothing on Gumtree. There are thousands of things to choose from, which means you can splurge and gain a return on your fashion investments – yaaas!  

Clothing hack Gumtree

Gumtree has created its Re-Style campaign to encourage people to think before they shop, and realise the benefits of buying and selling good-quality clothing online. They will also be featuring a collection of re-styled clothing at SA Fashion Week with local design label Amanda Laird Cherry, which we’ll tell you more about soon. 

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