I’m Deeply Confused and Inspired by the Look That Cardi B Just Wore at Paris Fashion Week

IDK what’s going on here, but I’m into it!

  • Cardi B went super high fashion in Paris yesterday.
  • She wore an outrageously chic outfit that covered her entire body in a fun floral print.

I totally understand that fashion week isn’t set up as a competition, but if it was, Cardi B one hundred percent would have won Paris Fashion Week. Yesterday she brought a MAJOR lewk to the streets of Paris (right in front of the Eiffel Tower, NBD), covering herself in a bright floral pattern from head to toe. Seriously—every inch of Cardi’s body was covered, from her heels to her gloves to her face.

Cardi posted a video in the outfit, captioning ‘PARIS FASHION WEEK, IM HERE !’ and in it she announces, “I heard you bitches were missing me at Fashion Week New York. I’m here to serve it to you motherf*ckers, and serve it to you cold.” She then proceeds do a catwalk strut down the street, saying, ‘You bitches could really never,’ and also asks a photographer to ‘make sure a car doesn’t hit me, ’cause a bitch can’t see.’ LOL!

Please watch the video in all of its amazing glory:

And Cardi was clearly very into her ensemble, cause she also posted some pics of it on Twitter, writing: ‘How they going to understand it when they don’t even understand me #PARISFASHIONWEEK’

And even though I have some questions—like, wasn’t it hot in there? And, what, exactly, was her plan if she couldn’t see?—I’m now fully convinced that Cardi is a fashion icon. I mean, remember the amazing burgundy gown with feathers, jewels, a hood, and a super long train that she wore to the Met Gala this year?

cardi b

Ugh, perfection! Can’t wait to see the next look, Cardi!

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Feature image: @iamcardib

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