Bonang Matheba just served us with a genius WFH styling hack

Got to tame the nest.


Don’t worry, we get it. No need to justify your bad hair day. Lockdown isn’t going easy on us and the struggle to stay polished and put together is real. Being stuck indoors for 21 whole days creates new challenges, ones we’ve never experienced. Wearing comfortable clothes every single day may seem like a blessing but it becomes all too familiar… Next thing we know and we haven’t washed our hair in days. *oops*

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Our trusty old GHD hasn’t been used in far too long and it’s been messy buns and au nature vibes these past few days. We love a laidback lewk, but for those of us who still need to “attend” work meetings from home, it ain’t that simple. Who else finds themselves trying to fix their hair while on a Zoom call?


Looking professional from the comfort of your home (and couch) should be considered an extreme sport. The true question is, are we making it hard for ourselves? Are we just not informed with the tricks of the trade? Well, leave it to Bonang Matheba to serve us with just the hack we need to make everything simpler and trendier.

Check out Bonang Matheba’s WFH hair ‘do below

IG: @bonang_m

Our local queen posted the above photo to her Insta story and we are obsessed with this look. The silk scarf creates an effortless look that is classy, fashionable and definitely Zoom-meeting friendly.

Haven’t paid your hair attention is days? No problem. Throw on a chic head scarf and you’ll look trendy and glam. Consider this a genius WFH hack that will save any bad hair day.

IG: @bonang_m

We couldn’t help ourselves, so we put another photo in the mix for you. Trust Bonang to look that stylish during a national lockdown. Peep her adorbs Louis Vuitton slippers below. Fluffy and fashionable! Actual slipper goals, if you ask me.

IG: @bonang_m

How is your hair coping during lockdown? Are you keeping yourself cute, or giving in to the comfort of things? Either way, both are totally acceptable.

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