Bonang just schooled us on *how to dress cute* while living it up in LA

It’s called traveling in style, darling!


Our fave kween has been living her best in Los Angeles these past few days. Recently she hosted the 4th annual Equanimity Awards Gala in Texas on Saturday. Bonang showed that you can go from being the belle of the ball to queen of casual, all in one day. We are living for her best vacay bad and boujee LA lewks!

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Check out Bonang’s TDF looks below:

Oh hi, it’s just a chic RL version of Dora the Explorer chilling at the airport! Her casual travel attire is what we wished we looked liked on our good days. Bonang chose to travel in trendy camel-coloured khaki pants, an oversized t-shirt, combat boots, sunnies (obvies) and gold accessorie. Of course, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without her friends, Louis and Dior – duh!


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Dora, the Explorer. ??✈️ LA is next.

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Gurl be serving us with all the content. The below look was styled by Rollin w J.Bolin who also dressed Queen B for the Equanimity Awards Gala. We’re not quite sure what the shoot was for but the ‘coming soon’ hashtag indicates that it could be something massive, knowing Bonang and her ever growing empire *Next stop…plans to take over LA*, so stay tuned.

This look though, it has a warrior-meets-goddess feel that we are so here for.

Here’s a snap from Bonang’s current Insta story. The Mzansi star looks like she fits right in with the Beverly Hills Real Housewives! *Quick someone get her a martini*

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Bonang is literally the only Insta page you need to be following RN, we are getting fed, served and stuffed with all the goods!

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Feature Image: @Bonang_m

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