Oh Hi, Big-Toe Shoes Are Reportedly The New Trend

One word: confused?!


The big-toe shoe AKA the latest trend hitting the fashion industry, and the internet, is somewhat.. confusing. These rather interesting looking shoes, that make us both curious and potentially befuddled with revulsion, have been paraded on the runway this season. Not so long ago they made a rather bold appearance on the catwalk for Paris-based brand Y/Project’s spring summer 2018 collection. The general silhouette consists of your big toe being separated from the other four, much like a flip-flop, but with louder toe exposé, since the rest is covered.

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Now, we’ve seen a handful of brands come out with their own variations of big-toe shoes. Even crazier than the shoes, designer versions which go up to over R15 000 are being sold like hotcakes. These shoes don’t just separate your big toe from the rest of its brothers and sisters – they physically single it out, placing it in its own solitary jail — or chill zone — depending on your feelings about these shoes.

Maison Margiela, the French designer, was the first to introduce the crazy-toe shoe with his Tabi calfskin boots in 1989, that covered all toes, but saw a large divider between the big toe and its life-long colleagues. The revolutionary approach was restyled from the traditional Japanese tabi sock. The tabi sock, which was initially designed to be worn with thonged footwear, are pretty much flip-flop clogs.


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Céline’s former creative director, Phoebe Philo, later came out with a range of shoes dubbed ‘pirate shoes’ that went on to become a street style staple. Unlike Tabis, these (old) Célines cover just the big toe, like so:


Since then brands have come out with their own variations, such as Jeffrey Campbell’s ‘bandage sandals’ that give the illusion that your big toe is all bandaged up.


Yikes. Kinda scary, kinda cool?

While a variety of toe-strap sandals are common in nearly every warm-weather region around the world, including variations of Havaianas and Birkenstocks, we’re a little sceptical about the big-toe shoe…

In the spirit of big-toe shoes taking reign in the fashion world, we have put together an edit of big-toe shoes you can wear without receiving weird looks from onlookers.

Shop Your Very Own (But Wearable) Big-Toe Shoes Now:


Tie dye trend

R2299Jeffrey Campbell at That Shoe Lady

These pretty tie-dye strappy heels are so subtle that they can be paired with a simple jeans and tee outfit.



Leather sandals

R159Utopia at Zando

For a chilled day, pair these cute and comfy leather sandals with a figure-hugging dress.


Strap it up


These cute and simple white babies will elevate your summer OOTD, and they’re even work outfit friendly.


Neon power

R1906Jeffrey Campbell

Turn heads in these neon-orange sandals. They will certainly upgrade a simple outfit, or complete a bold look with a matching top and handbag.


Bring on the Birks

R1599Birkenstocks at Bash

These fan favourites are so comfortable you won’t feel like you’re wearing shoes. Amp up jeans or a simple dress with these metallic beauties for  all day comfort.



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