We had a Chat with Beyoncé's Stylist, Ty Hunter on All things Fashion, and Girl, He Dished It! 👏🏾

This is not a drill

When it comes to style talk, what better mind to pick, than that of the ultimate stylist maven, international celebrity stylist, Queen Bey’s stylist, Ty Hunter?


Naturally, when I was asked if I wanted to attend a media briefing with Ty, I said f**k YES, and couldn’t contain my excitement. Thank you Woolworths for hosting her glam squad in the Mother City (I also met Sir John, her make up artist).

After a significant amount of plotting and planning, I  got the chance to have a tête-à-tête with Ty, who’s been styling Beyoncé for two decades (job GOALS if any) and we chatted all things fashion, wardrobe malfunctions (and how to avoid them!), what kickstarted his love affair with fashion and ofc, Beyoncé (and one major on-stage zip slip mo).

I noticed two things when I first met Ty, his fabulous power suit in the perfect shade of dusty peach, and the fact that he seemed genuinely interested when we talked.

His ‘how I made it’ story was particularly interesting:

Ty’s journey to fashion has been an interesting one. After packing groceries at a local supermarket, he went on to work at a clothing store for teens, where he would spend his entire paycheck on clothing (duh). From there on, he went on to work in the medical field until he found out that a good friend of his had a heart problem, which affected him so deeply and that he eventually closed this chapter in the medical field.

He packed up his car and moved to Houston, Texas, and got a job styling shop windows and displays. This is where he met Miss Tina (Bey’s mom). She saw something in Ty which eventually lead to him styling Destiny’s Child, being a Fashion Director to Queen Bey herself, and pretty much a big name in the world of fashion.

 Ty and I Talked all Things Fashion, Here’s What he Had to say:

The 3 all-year-round wardrobe items no girl should go without:

  • Special jeans that fit like gloves
  • A black power suit!
  • High heel pumps

What’s Bey’s fashion prep for red-carpet events like the Oscars?

Firstly, she works on sketches with designers to come up with possible looks based on the theme. Once the design has been decided on, the outfit gets made and fittings take place.

Describe 2018 winter fashion in 5 words?

Five words: Consumers – stop being trend conscious!

The best advice you’ll receive is to find what personally works for YOU. Find what speaks to your individuality and makes a statement at the same time.

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What’s the craziest thing you’ve had to do in the name of fashion?

I literally had to go onto the stage, in front of the massive crowd, at a Beyoncé concert (Mrs Carter Tour) and do some damage control when Bey’s zip came undone! 😓

If you could dress Bey in any aesthetic for the rest of her life – what would it be?

Vintage, timeless pieces.

When styling her, do shoes influence the garment, or garment influence the shoes?

Both are important. The emphasis shouldn’t be on both, but rather on one of the two. If the garment is amazing don’t draw as much attention to the shoes, and vice versa.

 3 Style tips to live by?

  1. Undergarments are so important! Don’t ever underestimate them, They must fit properly and serve their purpose.
  2. Confidence – girls, stop comparing yourself to others!
  3. Don’t take fashion too seriously. How you feel about yourself is important!

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Style hacks you use on Beyoncé?

  • Undergarments! Again, SO important. Spend time finding the right ones.
  • Double sided tape to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Get grips for the bottom of your shoes!

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Who is your style icon?

Diana Ross – she was the one who made me fall in love with fashion when I was young. Her glamour and timeless beauty have inspired me over the years.

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