Here are the BEST engagement rings for every star sign

Virgo, yours is HEAVEN ?✨?


For many brides, finding the right engagement ring really does matter. And with good reason.

Aside from being the one thing that everyone asks to inspect as soon as you announce your big news, the piece also represents your relationship. Plus, it’s probably the only piece of jewellery you’ll ever buy with the intention of wearing it every day for the rest of your life, and likely the most expensive, so it’s a decision worth taking your time to consider.

But with so many ring types to choose from, picking a design that looks and feels like ‘you’ is easier said than done. A good starting point? Finding the style that best matches your star sign’s personality…

Here is the BEST engagement ring for every star sign

Aries: Marquise

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This cut emphasises the maximum surface area of the central stone, oozing a luxurious feel (because, let’s be honest, luxury is everything in your books, #amiright?). Quality matters and this neat shape will give some added ‘oomph’ to your snazzy rock.

Taurus: Cushion

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The cushion cut is splendid-looking and creates a fixed, central ‘landing pad’ for your stone, keeping it nice and cosy and, most importantly, secure. You do not like losing things, Taurus.

Gemini: Coloured stone

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Your zany, youthful, fun-loving personality is drawn to bright colours and sparkling gems, so you, of all the signs, can go a little off-script with the choice of rock. Perhaps an emerald, pearl or Alexandrite (May and June’s birthstones).

Cancer: Oval

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Oval is a very delicate, romantic style and you’re the great romantic of the zodiac, Cancer. Small pavé stones along an adjacent band further enhance the whimsical-inspired setting. Super pretty and full of detail, you could gaze at it forever.

Leo: Three stones

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It’s flashy af, baby. Colossal, mammoth, copious and all-round whopping, you want a ring that almost knocks people over when you show them. An in-your-face, triple-whammy of rocks.

Virgo: Emerald

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This ultra-elegant cut will make your fingers look extra-long and slim, like a piano player. You appreciate gracefulness and sophistication, and this ring delivers both.

Libra: Pear

Your planetary ruler, Venus, makes you super-conscious of aesthetics; shape, texture, colour. This ornate, feminine cut will make your ring look like a beautiful crystal tear-drop. Soooo pretty, even Venus herself would approve.

Scorpio: Halo

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You’re a powerful personality and you need a strong, statement ring to match. The halo cut design places stones all around the central rock, creating an eye-catching effect, drawing other people’s attention (just like you).

Sagittarius: Bezel

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This cut is super-secure, which is important for you Sagittarius, due to your hazardous escapades and adorably clumsy mishaps. A beautiful (and practical) ring which isn’t going to get lost/snagged/dented/chipped. It’s Sagittarius-proof!

Capricorn: Solitaire

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A classic, regal style, the solitaire is for the more traditional at-heart. You like things which look how they’re supposed to, and this is the archetype engagement ring style.

Aquarius: Minimalist

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Marriage is so not about the money, or the bling, the dress, the trappings and adornments. It’s about your love and commitment. So, you’re making a very Aquarian-style statement by having a super minimal and clean-looking ring.

Pisces: Vintage

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The very idea that your ring has a ‘past life’, a story, a fairy-tale history, and was maybe even possessed by a bride from long ago sends a shiver of (pleasing) spookiness up your spine! You are an ethereal and spiritual soul, Pisces.

Which one is your favourite engagement ring style? cough, Virgo, cough – let us know on Twitter at @CosmopolitanSA

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