Sarah Langa and Co. are obsessed with baguette bags, the latest ‘it’ arm candy

Oui oui (bag)uette.

Let’s start off by saying, our love for bread and our love of handbags is pretty much 50/50, so we’re obv loving the new trend that is ‘baguette bags’.

No, these are not bags made of French loaves. These are small shoulder bags with dainty straps, and they are taking over with all the fashion peeps rocking this new arm candy. Some words to describe a baguette bag include: cute, petite, chic and retro. It’s like complete déjà vu as these bags scream ’90s chick-flick girl-band vibes. Agree to disagree, but Regina George wearing a baguette bag is the epitome of the above mentioned description.


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Even if  looking like a walking ’90s movie character doesn’t tickle your fancy, these bags are entirely versatile. Dress yours up with a pretty dress and strappy heels, or down with loose-fitting jeans and a plain white tee. Either way, the baguette bag gives your look just the right amount of nostalgic *cuteness* it needs.

Evidence that this bag style has been approved by fashion’s elite? One of our fave fashion influencers, Sarah Langa, was seen wearing a Louis Vuitton version, and we’re like damn, we want one too (the high-street version that is, although a girl dream). Pay day needs to arrive ASAP, please.


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Peep the cute ‘baguette bag’ trend that is *rightfully* taking over

Scroll to see the deal on what, where and how to wear this trending bag style.

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We hope that the above inspo pics have made you realise that literally *anyone* can rock one of these sweet, little bags. Baguette bags are kind of like the chameleons of the bag world as they really pair well with any type of style, outfit, and colour palette. We encourage all bag lovers to jump onboard and live your best baguette-bag life. We know we will.

Join the club and shop your baguette bag now:


Checked baguette bag


This checked bag is just the right amount of fun to spice up a simple, understated look.


Purple square shoulder bag

R250The Fix

This bag will bring *bright vibes* to your look.


Yellow bag with chain detailing


Be anything but mellow in this yellow, eye-catching little bag.


Classic style black bag


Make all your ’90s dreams come true with this classic baguette-bag replica.


Feature Image: @aude_julie

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