A Massive Social Debate Was Sparked over Lucy Hales' Dress Colour

Red or orange…?!

Let’s cast our minds back to 2015 when BuzzFeed released a seemingly ordinary photo of a dress on Tumblr. Quickly, the internet began losing its mind over the garment. Was it black and blue or white and gold?

Similarly, Lucy Hale sparked an optical illusion debate over the colour of the dress that she wore to the premiere of The Unicorn – is it red or is it orange? Needless to say, it’s left her Twitter followers at war with one another.

The Pretty Little Liars star wrote, ‘Let’s take a poll.’ Lucy leaning towards orange herself.

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From the responses, it looks like the internet is divided. ‘Girl it’s red’ one person wrote. Some opted for orange while others were on the fence calling it red-orange or blood orange. One person even threw a spanner in the works and opted for white and gold. #LOL!

This tweet, when you can’t come to a concecus.

Let’s put all the debating to rest because we have an answer from the designer Georges Chakra- drumroll please! – it’s ORANGE!🍊

Well, one thing is for sure – regardless of the colour, Lucy looked like total fire! 🔥

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