9 Self-Love Tips That Could Change Your Life

Repeat after me: ‘I am a badass goddess’.

In the October issue of COSMO, we feature three fierce female body warriors in our #COSMOPerfectlyMe campaign. On our pages, they celebrate self-love and body positivity while wearing the hottest lingerie worn alongside streetwear, simultaneously celebrating the beautiful shape that is a woman. Speaker, writer, feminist and influencer Siphokazi Veti, one of South Africa’s first curve models Michelle de Villiers, and designer and art director Nadine Williams own our October issue’s style pages – and gurl, you gotta get the issue to see the full fashion editorial, because it is fire.

We all know that having a strong mindset and to ‘love’ yourself is key, but what does this really mean and how do we practise these acts of self-care? Our body warriors share their self-love routines and rituals.

9 Self-Love Tips That Could Change Your Life:

1 Be Extra!

‘Life is to short to not be extra.’ – Nadine Williams

Now is the time to reclaim your feminine passion and power and to live life to the fullest. Who says you can’t do what you want to do? Who says you can’t wear those sparkly shoes or wear that OTT hat? 

2 Treat Yo’ Self

You matter, so why not indulge in things that will make you feel happy or more confident in yourself? Book yourself that dream holiday. Get a facial. Indulge in your fave chocolate cake. Buy the dress (knowing you’ll look goddamn hot in it). Because hey? YOLO, right? Why the hell not.

3 Love Yourself Like Your Pets Love You

‘Self-love is a journey of intentionally choosing yourself.’ – Siphokazi Veti

Anyone who owns a dog will know what it’s like to come home (even after a few hours) only to be welcomed by over-excitement and pure love from your pup. They always seem to have an unexplainable abundance of unconditional love – and this is how we need to learn to look at ourselves, with the same wholehearted love and affection and know that we’ll always have our own backs. 

4 Tell Yourself That You’re A Goddess

‘Tell yourself that you are a badass goddess.’ – Nadine Williams

Don’t forget to remind yourself that You. Are. A. Goddess. You’re a strong and beautiful woman! You have the world at your fingertips and you are capable of anything. Got it? Now, tomorrow, when you get up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after us, ‘I am a total goddess!’ 

5 Dictate Your Life To You

You’re not being selfish in doing this. This is your life. Don’t let anyone else’s negative perceptions or dictations get in the way of you. You’re none of their business. Reclaim control of your happiness and roll with what it is that makes you the best person possible.

6 Write In Your Journal

‘It’s so good to just slow down.’ – Siphokazi Veti

Make writing in your journal a way in which to express the context of your dreams and to reach your goals. Make it a place to solidify your insights and thoughts, and most importantly, to reflect and express to yourself. 

7 Don’t Limit Yourself

Be careful of people who make negative comments – by listening to them, you’re only going to limit yourself. You are 100% capable of setting your own expectations of you and living to the best of your potential. You can achieve anything. Prove them wrong and prove yourself right.

8 Meditate

‘Get in touch with yourself.’ – Siphokazi Veti

It’s very easy to get lost in your own thoughts of self-doubt. Practise taking a few minutes out of your busy day to spend time alone with yourself and your own thoughts. Learn to reflect on the good things and people in your life; gear your mind towards attracting greater positivity and love. 

9 Let Your Light Shine

‘There are going to be people who tell you that your light is too bright, dim it down and all you do is put some sunglasses on.’ – Michelle de Villiers

You’re not being boastful or arrogant by patting yourself on the back for doing something good for yourself (or others). Take pride in your accomplishments. You did that – you go, girl. 

The Dream Team:

Fashion: Bev Nates and Cleo Marcopoulos

Models: Siphokazi VetiNadine Williams and Michelle de Villiers

Videographer: Abigail Thompson

Photographer: Katinka Bester at Hero Creative Management

Hair: Mary Gouveia

Make-up: Renee de Wit at Gloss Artist Management

Interns: Lesego Mtsolongo and Sam Manne

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