10 Thoughts We've Had While Underwear Shopping

It’s traumatic.

We really love shopping, but lingerie shopping is a different beast entirely.

1) I’m just browsing, I’m not going to buy anything.

2) How on earth do you even get into that? Let alone out again when you need to pee.

3) This looks good, I’m just not sure about the lighting in the dressing room.

4) Is this too much money to spend on underwear?

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5) How am I supposed to see how the set looks when I can only try on the bra?

6) On second thought, eew, I’m glad they only let us try on the bras.

7) Does this bra even fit properly ? Maybe I should get measured? Whatever, I am planning on losing a bit of weight and then it will fit.

8) I wonder how many women have tried on this bra before me? I am dying on the inside right now.

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9) Are my boobs even a normal size? What is normal anyway?

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10) This bra makes my boobs look amazing! I need to get at least two.

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