3 ways to relieve your dry hands from all this anti-bacterial shiz

The hand pamper guide you didn’t know you needed until now.

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Let’s get real, washing your hands 1000 times a day may be the right thing to keep you from contracting COVID-19, but also: how many of us are typing away with dry hands and ashy fingers because of round-the-clock hand sanitiser applications? Yikes! Although it’s important to keep up with the strict handwashing routine suggested by WHO, can we agree that our hands are dying for some love? After all, Summer Walker did once say ‘hands need love too’ or whatever. Here are three really simple things you can do to get your paws feeling pretty again.

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I never thought that I would ever post a picture that deals with hygiene, but now it is even more important to address those little things that have a big impact: so this is a lovely reminder to wash your hands regularly! 👏🏻 You could also celebrate it a little bit by using a nice bar of soap – mine is from a farmer shop in Maria Luggau. It is made of marigolds and smells amazing. 🤍 Temporary tattoos: “stay safe” and „take care“ by @anastasia.tasou #createwithkika #washyourhands #inspiredwithblooms #tellon #underthefloralspell #stayinghome #botanicaldreamers #botanicalcreativity #temporarytattoo #wildforflowers #mybloominglens #creativefolk #pickmotion #anastasiatasou #thisweekoninstagram

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1 Get to scrubbing

Exfoliation is such an important part of any beauty regime and should extend to our hands too. Gentle exfoliation on rough, dry hands is golden for removing any dead skin that’s hanging on for dear life. You’ll also notice how much better your moisturiser does its job after you’ve done a little exfoliating.

That’s because this dead skin blocks your, well, ‘living’ skin from absorbing all the good shiz in your moisturiser. Tsk tsk. Hand scrub might not be considered an ‘essential product’ at retailers RN, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting pampered up. Pinterest has several *ah-mazing* DIY sugar scrub recipes, some including coffee, vanilla and chocolate too. Might as well make yourself a cup while you’re at it, sis. And if that doesn’t float your boat, you can always put some brown sugar in liquid hand wash instead.

2 Do some hand soaking

Giving your fingers a soak in some olive oil can make all the difference in the appearance of your cuticles. Cuticles may be the last thing you’re thinking about and are more concerned about the appearance of your nail bed since most of us aren’t getting our nails ATM (or anytime soon, TBH). But they play a vital role in how healthy your nails are and how well they grow.

So, how about we surprise our nail techs with some healthy nails post-lockdown? Overgrown, yes, but nevertheless healthy! Try warming up some olive oil in a small bowl for 10 seconds in the microwave and do a young dip and massage. Thank us later.

3 Hand cream, sis

Now you might be thinking duh, but also wondering why your moisturiser is not doing the things anymore. At this point, it’s either your hand cream is finished, or you’re cleaning your hands so often that you don’t see the need for hand cream after each and every wash. A great way to get your paws feeling soft is by lathering a thick layer of your cream onto em’, putting on some latex gloves for 15-30 minutes and let that sh*t sink in.

It sounds like a solid excuse to take a break or ditch your turn to wash the dishes. Proper handwashing practices are, now more than ever, so important. With that being said, there’s no need for us to neglect the hands that feed us (literally). And seeing as handwashing and sanitising is about to get aggressive AF, we suggest you add this into your Sunday self-care routine. Your paws will thank you for the extra care, and we doubt you’ll be disappointed with the results.


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