Not Packing These Summer Travel Essentials Could Ruin Your Next Trip

Bon voyage to packing worries! 👜👜

Have you ever arrived at your destination, unpacked your bag and realised, ‘sh#t!, I forgot my toothbrush?’ Well, whether you are headed for a chilled beach vacay, the big city, or adventuring amongst nature, this wardrobe packing list will make sure you’re covered.


Here Are Our Must-have Travel Essentials for the Perfect Trip:


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Walking Shoes

When it comes to packing in kicks, you want a pair that is functional and fashionable for FREESSH Insta pics. Opt for a darker sneaker as a lighter shade will get dirty on your travels.

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Wedge Heels

Possibly one of the most comfortable heels known to women, the last thing you want is to get blisters on your summer holiday from an awkward pair of stilettos.

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Flats Sandals

Pack in a versatile pair of summer flats, that can take you from the beach straight to a fancy dinner.

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Not all hotels can be trusted to supply you with spa quality slippers, and if they do, who’s to say they are clean? Walking around barefoot in your room isn’t exactly ideal, so make sure you are prepared.

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Hands Free Bag

Number one rule on vacay, do not be burdened by baggage. A moonbag is the perfect go-to on your travels, allowing you to have complete freedom to explore.

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Basket Bag

Definitely this summer’s hot ticket item. Ideal for a beach setting and a great alternative to the backpack!

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Swimming Costume

Is it even a holiday if you haven’t had a dip? Ensure that you are at the pool sipp’n on cocktails all summer long with your saucy one piece swimsuit.

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It might seem like something that your mom or granny would pack but just take our word for it, you will need a robe.

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Leather Jacket

Unfamiliar with the climate at your location? We recommend a biker jacket is great for any occasion and it will make your outfit look hot AF!

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This is the most multifunctional item that you could pack. It can be used as a sarong, beach towel, scarf, you name it! The possibilities are endless so make sure NOT to forget your pashmina!

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Protect yourself from the sun’s rays, and keep your dermatologist happy at the same time. Because nothing can ruin a holiday like a nasty sunburn.

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Throw some shade with these tortoise shell sunnies! Pack in a versatile pair that will coordinate with the rest of your holiday wardrobe.

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Hoop Earrings

If you run out of outfit combinations and need a little blaming up, simply pop on a pair of  hoop earring to instantly elevate your look.

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An absolutely staple for a getaway, do not even think about leaving your house without your favourite pair of jeans. They really are a girl’s best friend.

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A Book

You know what they say – a book is the perfect travel companion. Learn how to be a #Bosslady while you are on holiday, ensuring that you are fully prepared for work.

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Now you can rest easy knowing that you will have everything you need. Let’s just hope the airport doesn’t lose your luggage! 😝

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