This Is Not a Drill: Nadia Nakai Just Dropped Her Second Clothing Collection X Redbat

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Following the drop of her album Nadia Naked last month, Nadia Nakai has dropped her second clothing collection in collaboration with Redbat and Sportscene. The first drop of the collection was available in stores last year in November, and the second one is now available online and in stores at Sportscene.

The drop took place on Sunday, July 20th at Sandton City, Sportscene. There was a DJ and it looks like Nadia had the best time with her fans.

‘I am proud to announce my second drop collection with Sportscene and Redbat. This is the 2nd drop that will take my love for fashion to new heights and hopefully inspire my fans to be part of something special!! The collaboration with Sportscene is an amazing fashion line with Redbat and we doing it again!! We’ve been. “Go out and cop it!”,’ says Nadia.

The collection features sporty-slick neon colours, fun prints and everything you would picture Nadia wearing. It is unapologetic, fun and powerful, an ode to being a strong woman rising above what society thinks you are capable of.

In a video shot during the clothing launch, Nadia said that this collection aimed to make the kind of clothes that women see international influencers wearing on Instagram, attainable.

Once she announced the drop, she received enormous support from her fans and followers. American rapper Foxy Brown commented on Nadia’s post, to which Nadia reacted by fangirling (we totally would too), just in case you missed that she is getting rep outside of SA as well!

Nadia has been trolled and criticised about her style, body-shamed and called out, however, she has never let any of this stop her. Rather, she has turned the comments from her haters into inspiration:

‘It’s not a first for women, it’s a first for the game. They are going to tell you that you aren’t good enough; your hairs is not yours; you are over/underdressed; you are too skinny/ too thick. They are going to tell you don’t deserve it. Whatever they tell you, DON’T STOP. This is not a breakthrough. It’s not a first for women, it’s a first for the game,’ says Nadia.

Nadia Nakai

Nadia has spoken up about the position of women in the rapping industry and the double standard that she feels when she is compared to American celebrities or to South African men. As a woman, and a South African woman, she gets a lot more heat for her decisions to dress a certain way. In an interview last year concerning her outfit for Castle Lite Unlocks Experience she spoke up about this:

‘No one tries to discredit (men) because you come out looking sexy. Whereas with a woman they’re like she’s selling sex and she’s not actually a musician. She’s just this and that.’

This collection is a powerful message of owning who you are as an individual and as a woman, and not dressing down for anyone.

‘I am always going to live my truth and know the type of person I am as an individual. The way I dress doesn’t define me. It doesn’t mean I deserve to be raped. It doesn’t mean I deserve to be objectified. The issue is not about the way I dress.’

Nadia is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, and she is giving a voice to women in South Africa!

Channel your inner Nadia now with this insane collection – before it’s sold out (and we expect this soon).

Shop Nadia x Redbat Now

1. Pink Body Suit

Snakeskin print bodysuit.

RR699.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

2. White Hoody

Oversized white hoody.

RR599.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

3. Yellow Lumo Puffer Jacket

Cropped neon puffer jacket.

RR899.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

4. Orange Utility Sweat Pants

Orange sweatpants.

RR549.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

5. Orange Utility Hoody

Oversized orange hoody.

RR599.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

6. pink high neck cropped top

Neon pink polyester crop top.

RR349.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

7. White Utility Sweat Pants

White sweatpants.

RR549.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

8. Snakeskin Bodysuit

Long sleeved and high neck bodysuit with snakeskin print.

RR399.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

9. Pink Cycling Shorts

Polyester cycling shorts with elastic waistband.

RR349.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

10. Silver Bomber Jacket

Silver jacket.

RR899.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

11. Black Cap

Black Cap with BRAGGA embroidery.

RR279.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

12. Snakeskin leggings

Snakeskin leggings

RR399.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

13. Black Satchel

Black Satchel with pink strap.

RR499.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

14. White Satchel

White satchel with pink strap

RR499.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

15. Cerise Socks

Neon pink graphic cerise socks.

RR79.95 Sportscene SHOP NOW

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