Grab Your Wallet Because Justin Bieber's Yeezy-esque Clothing Line Is Available Right Now

Drew has arrived.

Consider this the day you blow the rest of your paycheck/allowance because Justin Bieber’s Drew House clothing line has finally arrived.

After months and months of wearing the clothes while running errands and subtly promoting it on social media, Justin finally revealed what he’s been designing, and it looks very Yeezy-esque.

For the most part, the clothes are all brown and pretty baggy, similar to Kanye West’s Season 3 collection, and some of them have an emoji smiley face on them or Justin’s middle name, Drew, written in bold lettering.


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According to the site’s about page, the ethically made clothing line is ‘a place where you can be yourself. Blah blah blah…,’ and the clothes are supposed to give you that IDGAF air of confidence. It’s also a place where you can go to learn some random facts, like how the Queen owns all the swans in England.

Actual footage of me running to grab my purse to get that smart, chill vibe:

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Since this is Justin we’re talking about, this line is likely to sell out, which means you’ll probably want to add it to your shopping cart while you still can. That is, if you’re very into spending up to R2012 on this particular aesthetic.

Shop yours here:

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