Doing Your Own Bridal Makeup? Here's How to Avoid Flashback


Weddings are expensive. This is no secret. And because of this, more and more brides are looking to DIY as much as they can. That’s all fine and good when it comes to the decor and table settings, but it’s a different story when it comes to makeup. Why? Because brides want to look their best on their big day and, if you aren’t a regular makeup wearer, it could be fraught with issues. One of these potential problems is flashback, which is when you look as though you have a powdery, ghost-white face in photographs.

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The Horror of HD POWDERS⚠😨 How to Avoid "Ghostface Flashback"😷 💢1.DO NOT USE HD powders as a setting powder 💢2.Do NOT USE to bake under the eyes 💢3.TEST your makeup using a flash before your event 💢4.Know your Ingredients:The main ingredients causing this effect are 💥zinc oxide and 💥titanium dioxide. Both are opaque, white, finely powdered and dispersed minerals often used in cosmetics with SPF. El Horror de POLVOS HD⚠😨 Cómo evitar LA "Cara de  Fantasma " 😷 💢1. NO USE polvos de alta definición como un polvo de fijación 💢2.NO USE para hornear debajo de los ojos 💢3.Prueba tu maquillaje utilizando un flash antes de su evento 💢4. Conoce tus Ingredientes : Los ingredientes principales causantes de este efecto son el 💥óxido y 💥dióxido de zinc titanium . Ambos son opaco , blanco, finamente pulverizado y minerales a menudo usados ​​en cosméticos con SPF dispersado. #kelannybeauty #kelannybeau #HDpowders #makeupfail #ghostface #ghostfaceflashback #flashback #makeupflashback #carablanca #makeup #maquillaje #powders #makeuppowder #mua #makeupartist

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As you can see, celebs aren’t immune to this cosmetic crisis either (but the makeup artists behind these pics may have found themselves looking for new clients after these snaps emerged – yikes!). In fact, it is surprisingly common, but because it is only detectable in photographs and not IRL, it’s not always easy to tell if you are going to be a victim until it’s too late.

No need to worry though, because here are some tips on how to avoid flashback so you look like a glowing goddess on your big day. Because that, and committing yourself to the person you love for the rest of your life, is what’s important.

Tip 1: Check Your Formula

The main culprit behind makeup flashback are the ingredients in your foundation, and they usually go hand-in-hand with foundations that contain SPF. In real life, this isn’t an issue (and is actually a good thing as it keeps your skin protected from UV rays) but Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, which are the UV-blocking components, can also give you a white cast in pics. In other words, this might be the one day in your life that you can forego the sunscreen and not feel bad. Priorities, people!

Tip 2: Pass on Powder

Okay, maybe your skin is pretty oily, and you know that nerves are going to have you perspiring and you don’t want to sweat your face beat off. We get it. In this case you can and should set with a powder, but you need to choose it wisely. A common ingredient in many setting and translucent powders is silica – another culprit when it comes to the dreaded flashback – and this it is most prevalent in HD powders. Instead, opt for a translucent powder, and make sure that silica is not one of the main components. You’ve been warned!

Tip 2: Stop Flashing

This might sound like a no-brainer, but asking your photographer to ditch the flash when snapping away is also a good idea. Make as much use of natural lighting as you can, which should be easy if your ceremony (or at least the pictures) is happening during the day. A harsh flash doesn’t always yield the most flatting pictures anyway, regardless of your makeup situation, so try to avoid it as much as possible just in case. This will ensure that your pics end up on the wall where they belong rather than in the trash.

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