Beauty Fridges Might Not Be a Necessity, But They Are Cute AF

Your skincare is about to be so chilled. Literally!

For many beauty junkies, their skincare and makeup collections are really important. In fact, we’re pretty sure that for a lot of people their collection of products ranks high on their list of priorities and they would do anything to make sure that they are getting the most bang for all the hundreds of bucks they have spent on it. This is probably why this new household appliance is becoming so popular, which is evident from how regularly they are popping up on our news feeds. Beauty fridges are now a thing, people. And while they might not be considered a necessity for most, they are nevertheless becoming the latest must-have for skincare addicts.

Be Chill

There are a lot of benefits to storing some of your makeup and skincare products in the fridge. Nail polish has long been thought to last longer if kept refrigerated, and a few hours of being locked in the cold can make a soft eyeliner hard enough for a more precise application. Things like facial mists, aloe gel, and serums can also make applying them more refreshing, especially during the summer months. Some fresh face masks even require being kept chilled in order to keep them safe for use. But where should we be storing these products? You could pop them in your kitchen fridge along with your food items. OR, if you don’t want them to smell like onions and leftovers, you could invest in a cute mini fridge designed specifically for storing your beauty buys.

New owners of beauty fridges have taken to social media to show off their very chill collections. Most of these countertop appliances have a shelf inside as well as one in the door for sheet masks and tools. They are portable, come in a range of fun colours and won’t take up too much space on your vanity table. Sure, you could just buy a six-can drinks fridge instead, but it won’t be nearly as cute and compact as the real deal.

Simply storing your products in a cupboard or on the shelf? Soooooo yesterday, and it looks like the #shelfie might need to make way for this chill new trend. We’re sold!

1. Rose Beauty Fridge

This countertop fridge is not only an interesting decor piece, but also keeps beauty products chilled so that they are refreshing to use. Genius!

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