6 Instagrammable Face Masks for Great Pics and Gorgeous Skin

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Over the last few years, face masks have seen a massive resurgence as more and more people start to incorporate them into their beauty routines. But far from the goopy slop of previous decades, these days they come in all sorts of formulas, from sheet masks to the peel-off variety, so there is a type to cater to everyone and their skincare needs.

The fact that we are living in the digital age has also had an effect on the face-mask industry as more brands are creating products that are not only effective but make for some interesting selfies as well. Because what’s better than a face-mask snap to show your fun side?

If you are looking for face masks that will bring in ALL the likes, we have six that you are going to want to ‘add to cart’ immediately.

1 Bioaqua Carbonated Bubble Clay Facial Mask

Every now and then, a silly selfie is necessary. You know, to show that you don’t take yourself TOO seriously. This mask can play a crucial role in this as it goes on like a regular charcoal mask but then starts to bubble so that the ingredients penetrate your pores. The result is having a foamy, fluffy face for a few minutes (and glowing skin after it’s removed).

2 Neutriherbs 24K Gold Facial Mask

Is there anything more bougie than a gold face mask? They are becoming more and more popular not just because of their skincare benefits but because of how undeniably cool they look on the ‘Gram. And since most of them claim to contain particles of real 24K gold, they have the amazing ability to feel like you are balling, even if it’s just for 15 to 20 minutes.

3 Skin Republic Platinum Peel-Off Mask

Oh wait, apparently there is something snazzier than a gold face mask. Make way for the platinum variety! While we’re not sure exactly what this precious metal (or the added diamond powder) is able to do for your skin in the long-term, these masks will at least make you feel like a million bucks, regardless of what you have sitting in your bank account.


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Though I enjoy Masking a lot, I’ve always stayed away from Peel Off Masks for many reasons 😷🤢 But after a lotta hesitation I finally tried out this glitter peel-off mask for the very first time 🎉☃️ The @glamglow Glitter Mask Gravity Mud Firming Treatment is such a fun way to pamper urself. My first impressions and thoughts on this mask is up on the Mask Off Series on my Youtube Channel. Head over to the Link in my Bio to know more🎉💝 This mask is from @sephora_india . . . . #glamglow #glamglowmask #glamglowmurah #glamglowindia #glamglowglittermask #glamglowglitter #glamglowgravitymud #glamglowgravitymudfirmingtreatment #hellosexy #sephoraindia #maskoff #maskoffseries #maskingaddict #maskaddict #masklover #peeloffmask #glitterpeeloffmask #pinkmask #chennaiyoutuber #chennaibeautyblogger #chennaiinfluencer

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When these masks came out – a collab between GLAMGLOW and the hit children’s TV show My Little Pony – the beauty community went nuts. The formula is the same as their popular GRAVITYMUD mask but with a hefty dose of glitter added to the mix. They also come in three colours – pink, purple and black – so you can pick the shade that matches your Instagram aesthetic.

5 Wish Formula Bat Eye Essence Mask

Not all sheet masks cover your whole face. Some are designed to target specific concerns that are common in certain facial zones. This bat-shaped mask sits over the cheek and nose area and is designed to purify the skin and unclog and shrink pores, so that you are even more stunning afterward than you were before. And you can channel your inner Bat Girl while you’re wearing it!

6 A’PIEU Cucumber Slice Mask

Cucumber slices aren’t just for de-puffing eyes anymore, folks. And you don’t even need to go to the veggie aisle to get your fix. These sheet masks sachets contain a number of slices that can be placed on the areas of your face that need the most TLC. And these happen to be just as great when it comes to taking quirky self-care selfies, which is just as important, right?

1. Bioaqua Carbonated Bubble Clay Facial Mask

This is a carbonated mask that contains a variety of plant ingredients to provide nutrition and rejuvenate the skin

R199 Takealot SHOP NOW

2. Neutriherbs 24K Gold Facial Mask

Get ready for VIP treatment! This mask hydrates, lifts and firms your skin, minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

R249 Zando SHOP NOW

3. Skin Republic Platinum Peel-Off Mask

This youth-renewing mask combines the powerful antioxidant properties with the deep cleansing properties of a peel-off mask for protected, glowing skin

R66 Takealot SHOP NOW

4. GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD Glitter Mask – Pink

This holographic sparkle treatment delivers mega-targeted ingredients that help make skin’s contours feel firmer and look more defined after just one use

R860 Foschini SHOP NOW

5. Wish Formula Bat Eye Essence Mask

These single use eye patches soothe and brighten under the eyes while plumping and firming the area and reducing the appearance of fine lines

R60 Philosophy Glow SHOP NOW

6. A’PIEU Cucumber Slice Mask

These mask patches contain hyaluronic acid, cucumber and cactus extracts which brighten, soothe and firm the skin while adding a surge of moisture

R35 Luxe Loft SHOP NOW

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