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You Need One Of These Bonang-Approved Satin-Look Skirts In Your Life RN

HUSTLE Here's How to Quit Procrastinating and Manage Your Time While Juggling Your Job and Studies - COSMO | 15 August 2019 | 01:17pm

*heeelllppp is on the way*

SHOP So What's All the Hype about Instagram's Latest Trend, the Puff-Sleeve Dress? - Amber Barker | 15 August 2019 | 10:34am

And where can we get one?

SEX I Got My BF a Fleshlight So I Can Take a Night (or Five) Off from Sex - Helen Wallace | 14 August 2019 | 02:08pm

Pocket pussies FTW!

SHOP We Are All About Miss SA's Power Suit Look RN - Clare Robertson | 14 August 2019 | 10:41am

Like a boss💪

SHOP ALDO Launches Its First Local Collaboration With Nandi Madida - COSMO | 09 August 2019 | 09:00am

Collab of the YEAR?💥

SHOP Not Sure Why You Haven’t Given In to the Tie-Dye Trend Yet, Because It Is Majorly Cool - COSMO | 08 August 2019 | 11:12am

Time to get crafty!

BEAUTY This Beloved KBeauty Ingredient is Gross, But It Can Transform Your Skin - Helen Wallace | 05 August 2019 | 03:39pm

Slippery, slimy and spectacular!

BEAUTY People Are Using Lash Curlers for a Weird (and Gross) Reason - Helen Wallace | 02 August 2019 | 01:44pm

Don't try this at home ☠️

BEAUTY Want to Get Your Hands on Huda Beauty? Now You Can (Thanks, Zando!) - Helen Wallace | 29 July 2019 | 03:59pm


BEAUTY Revlon's New PhotoReady Candid Collection Contains No Oils, Parabens, Phthalates, or Harsh Fragrances 😍 - COSMO | 25 July 2019 | 02:16pm

Also, 100% obsessed with this packing 💁🏻

SHOP 11 Gowns That Will Have You Living Your Best Bougie Life - COSMO | 25 July 2019 | 12:41pm

Gown town, baby!

SHOP These Are the Boots You Should *Shop Now* According to Your Star Sign - COSMO | 25 July 2019 | 09:48am

Star-style slay💁🏽