We Made Pop Culture Valentines For Literally Every Love Scenario You Might Be In

Stop acting like V-Day is the Fyre Festival of holidays. Don’t @ me

Controversial opinion: Valentine’s Day is the best holiday of the year. I understand that it gets a lot of hate because everyone’s either complaining about being single or spreading cooties, but there is one thing about February 14 that is universally fucking amazing, and it’s V-Day memes. Here is a card for any kind of relationship (or… non-relationship) you could possibly be in this year.

For The Crush Who Still Needs A Lil’ Convincing:

SURE, Joe Goldberg from You has some problematic qualities, but you have to admit that he’s a dedicated lover. Send this to anyone who isn’t jumping on the chance to ‘be yours’ just yet.


For Your No Strings Attached Hookup:

Listen, there’s no need to prove your undying love for someone if your relationship is strictly physical. Just because you two don’t do traditionally couple-y things, like hang out in broad daylight or go on real dates, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t risk it all for one last look at that booty.


For The BAE You’ve Been With For Years:

Trying to keep the spark alive this V-Day? Remind your longtime S.O. that if you had the chance, you’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.


For Your Work Wife:

Your coworker BFF has to hear literally every single complaint that pops into your head throughout the day, so it would probably be really nice to remind her that unlike the IT guy who just tells you to restart your computer, she sparks lots of joy.


For Your New Boo:

Although your relationship is still happily floating through the honeymoon phase, a little ego boost never hurt anyone.


For Your Ride-Or-Die Best Friend:

Nothing to see here. Just a clear proclamation that you’d do anything for your team. (Except, maybe attend Fyre Festival.)


For Your Unofficially Official Flame:

You can’t drop the L-bomb yet, but you CAN shower them with snacks, and that is potentially much better.


For The One That It’s Really Complicated With:

Being broken up on Valentine’s Day is ROUGH. You probably don’t need to buy a present… but you should at least send a text right? TBH, no matter what you do, it’ll be awkward so maybe just send this and then turn your read receipts off right away.


For The TINDER Match You’d Love To Meet IRL:

If you don’t love me at my borderline creepy pickup line, you don’t deserve… literally anything else from me. Goodbye.


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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