Don't Be The Undatable Girl

Looking for lurve? Here’s why you might not be finding it…

Looking for lurve? Here’s why you might not be finding it…

Don’t get me wrong: there’s very little not-to-like about being single. But there comes a time when the bliss of not having to hang out with a bae’s douchebag buddies and even the thrill of being able to kiss whoever you like, start to wear a bit thin. That’s when even the most devoted singleton can find herself hankering after a relationship, and very often, finds herself wondering why she can’t seem to get it right.

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Your hard-to-get act isn’t working?

If you’re projecting an image of being so chilled, you don’t need commitment, you’re going to attract the kinds of guys who aren’t looking for much more than a casual hook-up deal, if not a one-nighter.

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You’re not quite over your ex?

If you’re still thinking of him and keep re-reading those saved old ‘I love you’ texts from him, you’re probably also giving off very strong ‘unavailable’ signals.

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You’ve bought into ‘The One’, and think you just need to wait ’til he shows up?

Get. Over. It. Now. He doesn’t exist. And if he did, he’d have very little respect for someone who chose to sit around waiting during her most fun and fierce years! Instead, find The One For Right Now, hang out with The One Who Plays Guitar, go on a few dates with The One Who’s So Funny…

And if it’s none of the above, maybe you’re being like one of these movie characters, who prove there may even be more unadatable men out there than women!

1. Dr Julia Harris, Horrible Bosses


2. Michael Scott, The Office


3.  Andie Anderson, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


4. Brennan Huff, Step Brothers


5. Megan, Bridesmaids


6. Mr Burns, The Simpsons


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