Things You Should Never Put Up with in a Relationship

You deserve better than these.

When it comes to being in a relationship, there’s a lot you have to train yourself to be okay with (like the fact that he always forgets to close the cupboard doors, or that he leaves the shower on for way too long). But learning to accept these things is just part of loving someone. Never think you have to accept everything, though – here are the things you should not put up with in a relationship. Ever.

1 Disrespect
You already live in a world that has zero respect for women (o, hai, President Donald Trump) – you don’t need to face that at home too. If your boyfriend dismisses everything you say, blames you when things go wrong or treats you like a child, you’re not in a healthy relationship. You need someone who listens to you. He needs to understand that everyone has opinions, and that his are not always correct. Most importantly, he needs to recognise when he’s wrong (and admit to it).

2 Sexism
Does he make nasty jokes about women? Do he and his bros sit around and rate girls out of 10 as a pastime? Does he expect you to do the cooking and cleaning while he sits around in his underwear playing Diablo? Newsflash: your boyfriend is sexist. You’ll never be equals in the relationship because he thinks his gender makes him automatically superior. Run. Away. Now. You’re his partner, not his maid, cook and sex slave.

3 Lying
Have we all told the occasional white lie? Sure. Does that mean it’s okay when you’re catching your boyfriend out on a lie (big or small) every single day? Absolutely not. The most important thing in a relationship is trust, and it’s impossible to have that if the guy you’re with thinks it’s totally fine to spin the truth whenever he feels like it. If you often hear of him lying to his friends, family or boss, he’s showing you that he can easily do it to you.

4 Lack of communication
Does your guy clam up whenever you want to talk through the tough stuff? Is he only open to conversation when it’s light and fluffy? Your long-term relationship has no chance of lasting if there’s no open and honest communication when it matters. If he shuts down any discussions about difficult topics, he’s disregarding your feelings.

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