How To Tell if He’s the One

Take our quiz to find out if he’s the one!

Sure, you’re in love – but is this the guy you’re going to grow old with? Take our quiz to find out if he’s the one!

1) It’s Sunday night and you haven’t heard from him since Friday. Do you:

a) Phone him and have a chat, asking him what he’s been up to and why he hasn’t phoned?
b) Sit and stew, imagining possible reasons for his silence, then decide to send a WhatsApp to see how he is?
c) Wait until he phones you and act as if everything is ok, even though he stuffed up your weekend because you left time open to see him?

2) You ask him what he thinks of your new dress. Does he:

a) Tell you that although you always look gorgeous, it’s not your most flattering item of clothing?
b) Say “It’s nice”.
c) Tell you that it makes your bum look huge and he’s only letting you know because he understands that you have a thing about your ass, but actually if you start watching what you eat and working out it would all be fine.

3) You guys haven’t seen each other for a week. Do you:

a) Head for the nearest bedroom – you’ll catch up later but right now he’s looking so hot you can’t keep your hands off him?
b) Have a nice conversation before settling in for a ho-hum shag?
c) Call it quits after dinner?

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4) When it comes to commitment, he’s:

a) Completely your guy. You guys often discuss where you’ll live once you’re married.
b) He’s realistic: he’s told you he’s not quite ready to settle down just yet, but you know exactly where you stand with him.
c) Refusing to give you an answer.

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5) You’ve spent all night chatting, and you’ve told him a couple of things he didn’t know about you – including some of your biggest mistakes and wildest fantasies. Do you:

a) Feel closer, because now you’ve revealed your deepest secrets and he still loves you?
b) Feel a little bit awkward, but confident things will get back to normal – a little distance is natural after you’ve bared each other’s souls?
c) Wish you’d kept your mouth shut because he’s acting judgey?


Mostly As

He’s definitely a keeper. You guys have all the essentials for a strong relationship: physical attraction, trust and security.

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Mostly Bs

Nearly there. Things could go either way with this one. Maybe you’re still new and finding your way around each other and, in time, it will all come together – but you still have some way to go before you feel completely comfortable with him.

Mostly Cs

Girl, why are you wasting your time? He doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, he plays games, and, worse still, you feel like you can’t be yourself around him. There’s someone better out there!

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