How to Be More Successful on Bumble, According to Bumble Users

They don’t call it Sunday Funday for nothing

Dating app Bumble has definitely been game-changer when it comes to finding romance. Not only does it stop men from making the first move, putting women entirely in the driving seat, the creators have very strictly rules on disrespectful behaviour. Remember when they stepped in and blocked a douche for fat shaming a girl after a date?And let’s not forget how they personally wrote to another guy who sent sexist and abusive messages to a woman. The dating legends have now put together a list of fail-safe hints and tips for using the app, based entirely on how users got on last year. High fives all round.

1 How likely am I to get a date by using Bumble?


Good news, girls. While men on average make eight connections a month, women using Bumble get 10. Success.

2 How many photos should I use on my profile?

According to the stats, more is definitely more. Apparently the magic number is six, because ‘more pictures equals more matches’. Best get trawling through Instagram, pronto.

3 What first move gets the best reaction?


GIFs. Who doesn’t love a GIF? Exactly! Selecting a funny meme will get you ahead. And once you’ve caught a guy’s attention, the best advice is to keep your next message short and snappy. Bumble suggests using just 10 to 15 words, so now is not the time to try and prove why you got that A in English.

4 When are users most picky?


Using Bumble on a Friday or Saturday is likely to lead to more dates. Apparently, people are less picky on these days. ‘We guess it has to do with having cocktails,’ Bumble explains. Fair. By Monday, however, it’s a different story. Back to work means sensible shoes and over-rational, sensible thinking, so you might want to give yourself a night off.

5 So what is the BEST day to Bumble?

The stats say that SUNDAY is the best day for a spot of Bumbling. Users in 2017 spent the most amount of time on the app on Sundays. They don’t call it Sunday Funday for nothing.

6 And time?

Don’t be too eager, the best time of day to send a message is between 8-10pm. So there you have it!

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.co.uk

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