Why You Shouldn't Be Using Only Selfies on Your Tinder Profile

Science says this is how you’ll attract more partners.

When it’s time to update the photos on our Tinder profile, it’s not uncommon for us to opt for selfies rather than group photos.

What happens when you want to post a photo with your gorgeous brother or best friend who happens to be a guy? We say, ‘It’ll confuse people and make them think you have a boyfriend.’

According to an article in Psychology Today, however, we may be missing the mark completely when it comes to what photos to post.



A study done by Little, Caldwell, Jones and DeBruine aimed to explore how photos with multiple people in them affected the attraction the study participants felt towards those in the photographs. In the study, photographs depicting a man and a woman were shown to the heterosexual study participants. The participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of the person of the opposite sex to them in the photo.

The same people were depicted with different partners in the photographs and the study found one illuminating gem: ‘Results indicated that participants were more attracted to pictures of those potential mates when they were paired with attractive pictures of someone of the opposite sex. In other words, female participants found male pictures more attractive when the males were paired with other pictures of attractive women.’

So what does this mean for us?

It means post that damn picture of you with your hot cousin. Maybe it’ll get you a ton of dates. And if you go on a date with a gorgeous man who ends up being nothing more than a one-time coffee companion, grab a picture with him and use that to attract new mates.

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