15 Women Reveal the Hottest Sexts They've Ever Gotten [NSFW]

Forward this to your SO and tell them to take notes.

Sexting is an art form. When you only have text on a phone screen to paint a picture of exactly how horny you are, every word counts. A hot, shirtless pic of your dude’s V-lines might get the message across, but there’s something even hotter about someone who can turn you on with old-school dirty talk. Here, 15 examples of the hottest sexts women ever received.

1.This Guy Who Knows Exactly What Women Want

2. This Dreamboat

3. This Guy With a Hot Workday Fantasy

4. This Guy Who Knows Brevity Is Key

5. The Guy Who Is Hopefully Talking About Oral Sex and If So Ok Yes Please

6. This Guy Who Understands Shower Sex Is Foreplay Only

7. This Guy Who I’d Like to Marry

8. This Woman Who Knows What Is UP

9. The Guy Who Knows You Probably Have Some Concerns About What He’ll Do to You in Bed and Wants to Reassure You That He’s Thought of Everything

10. The Guy Who Isn’t Sure if He’ll Do All the Things He Mentions in the Sext, but Just Wants to Give You a Heads Up

11. The Guy Who Would Like to Write a Sexy yet Very Serious Novel at Some Point, but Sexting Is Good for Now

12. The Guy Whose Sexts Are a Little Selfish to Be Honest

13. The Guy Who Is Very Specific About the Way He Wants You to Masturbate, Which Is Actually Really Hot

14. The Guy Who Uses a Winky Face for Every Single Sext so You Know He Is Being Playful, Which You Already Knew Because You’re Sexting

15. The Guy Who Has Spent a Lot of Time Coming Up With a Cohesive Sex Plan and Will Lay It Out for You Step by Step so There’s No Confusion


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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