Your Guide on How to Fix Penis Problems

PSA: Male kegels are a thing! That and so much more…

The most important thing a guy can do to have a high-performing pecker: maintain his overall well-being. Even then, a few factors can mess with his little head. Here are the most common #PenisProbs and how to fix them, according to Harry Fisch, MD, author of Size Matters, and Dr Aaron Spitz.

He Can’t Get (or Keep) It Up

A whopping 40 percent of men will have some form of erectile dysfunction (ED) by age 40. ‘Performance anxiety, stress, depression, or side effects from prescription meds can all make Mr. Happy not so happy,’ says Dr Spitz. (See also: smoking and excess booze, adds Dr Fisch.) If his ED is persistent, have him talk to his doc.

He’s Shooting Air

It’s possible for a man to climax but not ejaculate anything at all during blast-off (obviously an issue if you two want to conceive). The typical culprits are diabetes, pelvic-surgery complications, and blockages, says Dr Spitz. Visiting a doc is a must to determine the cause and potential solution for his empty chamber.

He Finishes Way Too Fast

One in four men erupt in under two minutes of sex, says Dr Spitz. Practicing male kegels (contracting his pelvic-floor muscles as if he’s stopping urine flow) can help, or he can try a topical numbing product like K-Y Duration Gel for Men.

He’s Not Getting Off With You

About 33 percent of young men are so used to masturbating to porn—and its very unrealistic images of sex—that they can’t O with a partner, says Dr Spitz. It’s a growing problem, but it can be reversed if your dude cuts out porn completely.

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