Why We Love Dirty Romance Novels – and Why You Should Read Them

Its not all BDSM, billionaires, and mousy brunettes.

Since 50 Shades Of Grey arrived with a bang (pardon the pun), more and more contemporary authors are exploring their naughty side and writing some dirty, dirty books. Gentlemen, we have no problem with your porn so let us read about Mr Tall Dark And Handsome in peace.

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It’s not all BDSM, billionaires and mousy brunettes – there is something for everyone. Some of the best books are about Big Beautiful Women (BBW) and for those who are really into Twilight and Vampire Diaries, there is paranormal erotica (think vamps, wolves, warlocks and demons).

You could actually discover what you’re into and what turns you on – and maybe even give it a go. Role-play anyone?

11 ‘Word Porn’ Quotes for Girls with Too Many Feelings

The e-book revelation has allowed more and more of us to buy our books and read them without blushing furiously. No-one has to see the cover (shirtless man) – why have they all lost their shirts? No-one will know what you’re reading, so read as much as you like without getting the stink eye from errrbody.

The creativity regarding synonyms for jizz, penis, vagina and bum will make you laugh and maybe feel awkward but we all had to move on from pee-pee and who-ha.

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Most of them are pretty short. So if you are a bookworm you could easily finish a book over the weekend. Even though they are short, the love stories will not disappoint.

Our men are pretty normal with normal salaries, normal cars and normal foreplay. So sometimes it’s nice to imagine being extraordinary and dangerous. Who hasn’t imagined a tussle in the hay with Ian Somerhalder?

But heed this warning, fellow naughty readers – be sure to read books that have reviews and recommendations. It can get pretty awkward…

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