'Vaginal Kung Fu' Is a Thing That People Do

*Cringes then applauds*

What’s the best way for a sex coach to spread her wisdom when books can be so boring? Kim Anami decided the ideal approach would be ‘show, don’t tell’.

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Anami is a sex coach turned vaginal weightlifter. Wait, what?

Anami has become something of a vaginal fitness (?) guru, and she’s literally travelled the world showing people the many benefits of lifting weights (or, in her case, various objects) using only your vaginal muscles. She’s the founder of a new form of exercise called ‘vaginal kung fu’.

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On her world tour (or, as she calls it, ‘Vagina Tour’), Anami aimed to educate people about vaginas in ‘a playful and provocative way’. She documented her travels on Instagram, showing that her magical vagina could lift everything from fruit to garden gnomes. And even a surfboard. #surfbort

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The vagina is more powerful than any of us could have known. Then again, it’s not something many people would have thought to test. Here are some of her photos to prove it. (If it gets too cringey, try to ignore the dangling objects – the photos are actually quite beautiful.)

A photo posted by Kim Anami (@kimanami) on

A photo posted by Kim Anami (@kimanami) on

A photo posted by Kim Anami (@kimanami) on

A photo posted by Kim Anami (@kimanami) on

A photo posted by Kim Anami (@kimanami) on

You can follow Anami on Instagram or Twitter if you’re intrigued.

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