The Candle Wax Scene

Get a little kinky tonight with this sex position inspired by ‘Body of Evidence’.

At the height of her leather-and-chains dominatrix-dom, Madonna starred as a woman accused of killing her husband with an overdose of kinky pillow play. Inevitably, the lawyer defending her (played by Willem Dafoe) succumbed to Madge and ended up in the scene no man can recall without clutching his equipment and shuddering.

Handcuff your man to the bedposts or tie him down with scarves. Tantalise him with a striptease, and then – if dripping candle wax is a tad extreme – flick feathers or lacy black knickers down his torso. Once you’re bored with torture, mount him. Kneel on the bed with your back to him, lean back, hold on to his legs for balance and see what fun it is to be in the driving seat.

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