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10 Times Laughing During Sex Was Better Than The Actual Sex

10 Times Laughing During Sex Was Better Than The Actual Sex

SEX COSMO Erotic Short Story 2018 Winner - COSMO | 15 August 2018 | 09:05am

'I don’t have mercy for long. My need is too strong'

SEX Your Guide on How to Fix Penis Problems - COSMO | 06 August 2018 | 11:39am

PSA: Male kegels are a thing! That and so much more...

SEX 7 Guys on the Most Embarrassing Thing They Ever Did During Sex - COSMO | 06 August 2018 | 11:20am

Be very glad these haven't happened to you

SEX 10 Guys on the Sexiest Thing a Woman Ever Said to Them - COSMO | 25 July 2018 | 05:27pm

Spoiler: He totally notices (and loves) your sex voice.

SEX 6 Things Guys Think About Your Vagina - COSMO | 25 July 2018 | 05:14pm

He's not judging your labia, seriously.

SEX 3 Women Get Super Honest About Deep-Throating - COSMO | 25 July 2018 | 05:00pm

"Once they realize I have this skill, they tend to ask for blow jobs a lot more.

SEX 6 Sex Positions for When You're Totally Different Heights - COSMO | 23 July 2018 | 07:25pm

With these, there are zero lows, only highs

SEX Here's What Happened When I Tried a Different Sex Toy Every Day For a Week - Busang Senne | 19 July 2018 | 05:55pm

And here's what I learned.

SEX #COSMOTries: The Best Waterproof Sex Toy for Shower Play - Busang Senne | 19 July 2018 | 05:00pm

Get wet 'n wild!

SEX #COSMOTries: The Best Foreplay Accessory for Pre-Sex Fireworks - Busang Senne | 13 July 2018 | 05:20pm

Welcome to Sensation Station!

SEX #COSMOTries: Wearing the Screaming O Vibrating Panty Set - Busang Senne | 13 July 2018 | 05:06pm

It's lingerie with a twist!

SEX #COSMOTries: The Best-Looking Sex Toy We've EVER Seen - Busang Senne | 12 July 2018 | 05:00pm

It's the #aesthetic of sex toys 🌸