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Why the "Consent Condom" Is So Infuriating

SEX How Cum: The Game-Changing Podcast That's Teaching Women How to Orgasm - Christy Chilimigras | 23 April 2019 | 11:38am

We spoke to its creator Remy Kassimir.

SEX 18 Sex Positions Pretty Much Guaranteed to Help You Orgasm - COSMO | 05 April 2019 | 01:28pm

Reach your peak every time.

SEX Read an Exclusive Excerpt of Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch - Christy Chilimigras | 22 March 2019 | 01:27pm

This is what's really going on in the winelands.

SEX 20 People Share the Best Sex Advice They've Ever Received - Christy Chilimigras | 19 March 2019 | 12:36pm

"If a girl says 'keep doing that' then keep doing it."

RELATIONSHIPS Your Biggest Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs, Based on Your Sign - COSMO | 15 February 2019 | 10:49am

You should probably read this before you surprise your boo

SEX COSMO Tries 3 Vibrators That Will Tickle Your Pink This Valentine’s Day - COSMO | 13 February 2019 | 04:25pm

With these, a good V-day night is guaranteed.

SEX 7 Rules Real Couples Stick to When Having Threesomes - Christy Chilimigras | 12 December 2018 | 12:33pm

Do not attempt if you're insecure about your relationship.

SEX How Good You Are in Bed, Based on Your Zodiac Sign - COSMO | 27 November 2018 | 12:51pm

Look for an Aquarius 👀

SEX Are His Condoms the Right Size? Here's Why It Matters - Christy Chilimigras | 13 November 2018 | 11:06am

Help your condoms fight the good fight.

SEX 8 Men Answer the Question: Does My Vibrator Offend You? - Christy Chilimigras | 09 November 2018 | 11:52am

'I think it's sexy as hell'.

SEX 11 Surprising Sex Tips From Men - COSMO | 08 November 2018 | 04:53pm

Yes, he wants you to whip out your vibrator.

SEX How 20 Guys Really Feel When Women Send Them Nudes - COSMO | 08 November 2018 | 12:30pm

'It's just something that's nice to have when you trust