You Need to Try The '68' Sex Position

Like 69, but BETTER.

We all know about the ’69’ position – a rather acrobatic style that equals pleasure for both. Yes, it’s genius and yes, we love it – but we there’s a chance we might have found one better.

The ’68’ is a new variant on the classic, but rather than giving pleasure to both, it provides immense pleasure to one of a couple – for those selfish moments that we all want and need from time to time.

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The position involves one person lying down on their back with their knees bent and feet flat on the floor. The other person then lies on top of the ‘bottom’s’ chest with their head on top of their thighs. In a woman’s case, you would position your vagina over their mouths, giving the um, giver, full access to everything they wish to explore, and leaving you to concentrate on your orgasm.

As well as being the ultimate in oral sex pleasure, the 68 leaves your hands free to do some exploring and masturbation. If you’re on top, it’s the perfect opportunity to increase your enjoyment, or if you’re on the bottom you get access to every inch of your partner.

It sounds easy, but can be harder than you think: use your elbows to prop you up and take some weight off your partner if needed. If you’re at bottom, try using a pillow to ease any pressure on your neck as you go in to give your partner some attention. Then let the pleasure begin!

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.co.uk.

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