COSMOPOLITAN Online Sex Survey Results 2010-BTS

Earlier this year we asked you to participate in our annual COSMOPOLITAN Online Sex Survey. Once again we received great feedback from you, and how COSMO girls measure up. Here we reveal the raunchy results… (Click on the tabs below to view the full results.)

Congratulations to Ethel Schoeman who has won the Lola Montez hamper.



Which type of kiss really turns you on?
a) Almost 50% of you prefer to take things slow and sensual
b) While 44% need their kisses deep & intense
c) 7% say gentle & sweet kisses do it for them

Which best describes your style in the bedroom?
a) Only 15% say they are romantic in the bedroom
b) 47% says they are sensual
c) 38% admit they’re more the adventurous types

What’s the best soundtrack for an evening between the sheets?
We received all kinds of responses from soft, sensual R&B to intense rock, driving house and even romantic instrumental sounds – basically anything as long as it gets you in the mood. John Mayer, Marvin Gay, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Massive Attack, Kings of Leon, Maxwell, Robin Thicke, Michael Buble, R Kelly, Jack Johnson, Usher, Coldplay, Chris Izaak, Maroon 5, Lenny Kravitz, Snow Patrol, David Guetta and Jamie Cullum all featured prominently. Even Roxette, Barry White, Bon Jovi, Teddy Pendegrass, Linkin Park and Kenny G got mentions.

Do you think women in general place too much emphasis on foreplay?
a) 34% says yes
b) But 66% of COSMO girls agreed that women don’t place too much emphasis on foreplay

Do you think men in general place enough emphasis on foreplay?
a) An underwhelming 24% think men are in the clear
b) 76% said men need to take foreplay more seriously

Do you usually tell your partner the kind of sex you like?
a) 51% aren’t afraid to communicate their preferences
b) 8% don’t
c) And 41% occasionally let their partners in on what they like

What’s the one move that does it for you?
It seems COSMO girls can’t get enough of light kisses in the neck and the Doggie Style sex position. But most agree that the Reverse Cowgirl also hits the spot, while anything that involves caressing and licking also top their list of turn-ons. Other favourite positions include good old-fashioned missionary and the mutually satisfying 69. It goes without saying that being on top is the go-to position all COSMO girl’s fall back on.

Should he have more experience?
a) 23% would like their men to be more experienced than them
b) 9% prefer to be the skilled ones
c) 41% agree that the balance should be equal
d) 27% don’t care who knows more in the bedroom

Do you think your friends are having better sex than you?
a) Fortunately only 20% think their friends are having better sex
b) While 80% are confident they’re getting better quality nookie

Do you think your friends are having more sex than you?
a) 43% say yes
b) 57% say no

What’s the maximum number of times you’ve had it in a day?
A majority of 63% say their maximum number of romps in one day is three to five times, 17% say once or twice, 16% have gone between six and eight rounds, while 2% can do it nine to 10 times a day and another 2% can last more than 10 times a day.

What keeps you from having sex more often?
It seems COSMO girls are so busy concentrating on their careers that the stress and exhaustion of a long, busy workday keeps them from having sex more often. Other factors like long distance relationships, body insecurities, couples with kids and couples who still live with their parents also make having sex more often tricky. But other aspects like simply not being in the mood or even vows of celibacy and waiting for the right guy to come along also play roles in a COSMO girl’s sex life.

Which is the easiest way for you to reach orgasm?
a) 26% prefer oral sex
b) For 38% it’s penetrative intercourse
c) Masturbation is the way to go with 15%
d) 14% favour manual stimulation
e) 7% give preference to sex toys

What kills the mood afterwards?
a) 39% hate it when he falls asleep immediately
b) 42% say it’s not enough cuddling
c) Only 19% admit it’s when he wants to ‘talk’ about the relationship afterwards

What do you like to do after sex?
Cuddling and spooning is ranked at the top of a COSMO girl’s list of things to do post-coitus, with then falling asleep in each others’ arms coming in at a close second. Other favourite actions include kissing, having a smoke, engaging in a little pillow talk, taking a shower, listening to music and making a snack together. And then starting again…

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