Bathroom Bliss

Go off the rails while he showers you with pleasure.

Go off the rails while he showers you with pleasure.

The Place: Bathroom

Strip down to your birthday suit and stand at the edge of the bath, lightly holding on to (not hanging off of) the shower rail to keep your balance. Have your man kneel on the bath mat in front of you. Now shift all of your weight onto your right leg (remember, the shower rail is just to steady you) as you lift your left leg and hang it over his right shoulder, pulling him in closer to zero in on your highly sensitive spots. This up-close view of your moan zones is a huge turn-on for your man, and your raised leg gives him VIP access (sans neck cramps). ‘Now that he can actually see what he’s doing down there,’ says Dr Johanina Wikoff, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To The Kama Sutra (Alpha), ‘have him slowly explore the whole area orally.’ Because the only contact on your body is his mouth, you can really relax and focus your attention completely on the pleasure pulsating from that small, intensely nerve-packed area.

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